Sunday, February 26, 2012

We'd like to thank everyone who came out for the first annual Kreation Korner Alternative Ingress Symposium. While the objective of KKAIS was to kollaboratively burrow new tunnels into the unexplored vaults of the kollective unkonscious, some attendees must have interpreted the name of the event in a non-figurative way. Needless to say, there's a significant amount of broken glass and human blood on the floor of the HQ, and the encroachment of the elements has made our workspace all but indistinguishable from the chilly outside world. Of course, we understand that in the throes of a kreative frenzy people are capable of unkanny feats--propelling oneself up to and through a second-storey window is not uncommon. Nevertheless, we'd appreciate it if the offending party would stop by and clean up this mess.
Despite the grievous damage to property and person, the Symposium was a huge success!

Hadley Daughterson's rendering of Korner Headquarters in its current impaired state. Such is the price of Kreation!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Korner Wisdom

Whoever said, "Any dream worth having is worth fighting for" has obviously never had that one where they show up at their elementary school in a boat, and are then forced to teach in a classroom which doubles as a cooperative tacqueria.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Poemovie Korner

Greetings, interworld inhabitants! Today we present you a landmark event for The Kreation Korner. Chris Peebles has turned our enterprise ass-backwards with his inaugural foray behind the camera. And may we say its an unexpectedly delightful departure from his tried-and-true style. We gave esteemed literary and short film kritic Rapaport Graves a sneak peak and he had the following to say: "He [Chris Peebles] seems to have traded in his signature reach-out-of-the-page-and-throttle-the-reader modus operandi for a more contemplative reflection on the oft-ignored vagaries of our contemporary industrialized biosphere. In other words, I think it's about trains." Watch:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Komedy Korner

A pepper walks into a bar. He orders a drink, and swiftly thereafter begins pestering the barkeep about the multitudinous and drab minutiae of the bar's history. "How long has this place been open? Are you the owner of the premises? Are the beer nuts locally sourced?"

The pepper finishes off his drink and walks out. After a brief silence, a bar patron turns to the barkeep and says, "Man, that guy was jalapeño business." To which the bartender retorts, "That was a horrible pun. Please leave before I'm forced to call the cops."

-Tum Cruz

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Poet's Korner

Action Thriller #5

Storm's a-comin'
We're not that different,
You and I
Wanna shoot me?
Go ahead!
Pull the trigger

--Cindy Blankenstead