Thursday, December 31, 2015

Exhortation Korner

Unending satisfaction in life's endeavors to you, Dear Entities.

For those of you who observe the Gregorian Calendar, now is a time to "ring in the new."

But if I may ask, my Entities, what is "new"?
With you?
With the universe?

Wasn't much new back when Greg developed that "calendar" of his.
Locked us into this linear time trip.
I should know--I was there.

For my earthbound Entities, do you feel a sense of continuity with each complete transit around the sun?
Does a duck know what a 401k is?

Stars are hot to the touch.
Cycles are a fallacy.

For your pennants, cut felt into triangles.
Sharp apex.
Decoration is Entity's choice.

--Ambo Dais

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Musik Korner

Happy Solstice, Kornerheads! Today we bring you an audacious audio recording from Chris Peebles. In it, Chris gives a dramatic reading of selections from his recently-released book number 16 stream over a nearly 17-minute original backing track of improvisational minimalist ambient avant-garde jazz. "jan/feb," as it's called, is part one of two of Jazz Phantazzmagoria--Peebles' forthcoming album due out January 2016. We expect this album to be a watershed moment for the spoken word sub-genre of the improvisational minimalist ambient avant-garde jazz genre. For optimal enjoyment, Chris recommends an earbud-type headset for the vector of transmission. Dig:

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Poet's Korner

"Work-Life Balance"

I'm tired
so very

of business

lunches my guts

plus household
plumbing poses

potential for

decay and
my clients

entropy and
my clients




--Greg Purt

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Video Korner: Sekwel Edition

Willkommen, friends and well-wishers! After the unmitigated success of our Ends & Pieces video this past October, we felt it our duty to once again delve into the annals of hitherto unused kreative video klips and ko-kreate something worth watching. Behold:

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Korner Wisdom

Misery loves companies. Especially LLCs.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Follow the [Thought] Leader

At The Kreation Korner, we value well-researched discourse on a variety of subjects--not just Kreationism. Any time our braintrust can be leveraged to assist fellow inquisitive minds in their quest for knowledge we're glad to help! We're not writing this post apropos of nothing--it is in reaction to an article from 2013 a staffer discovered recently on the Boise City Dept. of Arts & History website:

In the article, the writer gives a brief history of a local freight company who, at one time, occupied a railroad warehouse in downtown Boise which itself became a victim of the latest destructive swath of new development some years back. As it pertains to us, the article cites as one of it's main sources our own Chris Peebles' Loading Area blog. They even prominently used one of Chris' royalty-free photographs! The Kreation Korner and its family of affiliates are glad to support knowledge kreation on important subjects like urban history and intend to remain a free and public informational resource, all the while rocking your world with only the best in kreative kontent.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Exhortation Korner

We are truly stoked today to present a new kontributor to The Korner. All that is really known about this kontributor is their name--Rev. Ambo Dais. Some of us here had heard the legend of Ambo Dais--an enigmatic preacher walking the earth, dispensing wisdom, but remaining unseen and unknown all the while. Religious historian Sister Crispin describes Dais as "a unique star system in the constellation of elusive, ambiguously-affiliated avant-garde persons of the cloth. Think Jesus of Nazareth meets Aleister a service plaza on the Pennsylvania Turnpike." Imagine our surprise when we discovered a request for an occasional blog feature from such a notorious figure in our lowly inbox! We're confident this first installment will do your spirit some serious good, even if you're sorted amongst the most sekular of our staff and/or readers. May the splendors of Kreation become manifest:

Multitudinous good vibes to you, Dear Entities. The primary audience for this sermon are those participating to any degree in the dominant culture of the so-called United States of America, but, as in all things, universal lessons may be gleaned. 

I offer you a reflection on the so-called Holiday Season...

What is a holiday but a day?

What is a day but a measuring unit of time?

What is time but an ocean?

What is an ocean but a body of water?

Are not many of you, Dear Entities, composed mostly of water?

Are you, then, not an ocean? A unit? A day?

Is not everything everything?

Are not all entities, then, a single entity?

Meditate on these things for nine earth minutes, and then eat exactly four Pillsbury crescent rolls, Dear Entity.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Poet's Korner

Here's another poem by Chris Peebles' dad from the archives. Trigger warning: it's pretty sentimental. But maybe sentimentality isn't the worst thing in this cynical world! Get some:

"Desert Shores"

In the desert you wander
under the star field
the pin-pricked facade
of night presents peepholes
a multitude through which all is
abundantly clear in this

a crack of a staff on a crag
a crystalline cascade courses
from the collective construct
washes over the corporeal

loosen your clenching your
quaking quivering quarters
let dermis dissolve as
a drop in the ethereal

linger on in this
liminal land for
a moment
a month
a lifetime until
the Walls of Jericho crumble
the serene state of being
coterminous with the

--Chris Peebles, Sr. (1972)

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Video Korner

And we're back...from one of our signature multi-week hiatuses. But we return with one of our signature explanations for our absence. Let's begin with some background: as you may have picked up on, one of the themes here at The Korner this year has been the kreative process. We have felt it's important--or, at the very least, interesting--to show our readers what goes into to making a finished Kreation Korner post. One tactic we've used to konvey this was our ill-fated Behind the Korner series. It turns out that this "peak behind the kurtain" was of little interest to our audience, save for a pedantic few. We've learned that, in general, we can't just dump a seemingly unedited pile of crap in front of somebody and expect it to tickle their kreative fancy. As Behind the Korner drew to a close, this realization didn't sit right with us. We felt that ekwilibrium in the Kreative Universe had to be restored. After some deliberation, we deemed the best means to this end was to again gather the trimmings from the proverbial editing room floor but, this time, painstakingly assemble it into a self-kontained final product all its own. It was only natural that the project would take the form of a video, since the most obvious source material was our basementful of unused scraps of tape gathering dust. Locked in from the outside, we spent three weeks at the HQ kollaboratively kompiling the video below. And the early reviews are laudatory! The estate of late-great non-narrative short film critic Rapaport Graves calls it, "Jazz. Pure and simple." Who says kreation by kommittee doesn't work? Hopefully with "Ends & Pieces" (a title inspired by a discount pork product spotted at Tsar Mart) we have redeemed ourselves and can put this difficult chapter behind us. Eyeball:

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Video Korner

Ahoy there! Today The Korner offers you a port in the storm from the turbulent sea of life in this present age. It's a videographical document of Chris Peebles reading material old and new before an eager audience of 50-60 individuals on a roof-top terrace at the new public library in downtown Nampa. The reading was part of the second annual Death Rattle Writers Festival, and Chris would like to extend his sincerest thanks to the fest organizers for taking a chance on a washed-up street poet-cum-documentary host. Peer:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Finger on the Pulse

Here's what's on people's minds, at least according to the opinion section of The Idaho Statesman--the Boise area's metropolitan newspaper of record:

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kommerce Korner

Please take approximately three minutes of your life to hear an announcement from our friend and kolleague Chris Peebles regarding an exciting new product available from Kreation Systems Worldwide:

Please klick here for your kopy today!

Friday, September 25, 2015


The Kreation Korner returns today with a respite from the daily horror of global capitalism by means of Hadley Daughterson's talents vis-à-vis digital kreation:

Friday, September 18, 2015

Komedy Korner

A King sits with his dog, pondering the prospect of another tax hike on His serfs to fund construction of a new siege engine.

"But will they rebel, my people?" the King, an anxious man, asks.

"What can they do?" replies his dog. "Resistance is feudal."

Sunday, September 13, 2015

TKK Party Tonight!

Dear Reader,

Today, as we prepare for our birthday bash blowout to celebrate eight years of The Kreation Korner, the staff here wishes to extend a heartfelt message of optimism, love, and a generosity of spirit:

Kreationism isn't a destination. It's a journey, a process. A process that requires continual experimentation, reflection, and growth. A process that requires an open mind and a humble heart. A process that is, frankly, indispensable in these days of widespread suffering and near-universal anxiety. For the light of Kreationism to shine brightly enough to make even the smallest positive impact, it is required of us to cultivate in ourselves a willingness to take risks and to not shy away from tough issues or subject matters. As we mark a momentous milestone today, The Kreation Korner fully intends to take those risks. Will we make mistakes? You bet we will. But isn't that the best and arguably only way to really learn? In the coming ninth year of The Korner, we fully intend to dive headlong into the muck, so to speak, and thrash about in order to contribute to the cause of expanding consciousness, understanding, respect, and dignity in our immediate communities as well as global communities and communities beyond. Through this process we may well raise more questions than answers--but we feel that that's a good thing. Thanks for your unflagging support!

All the Best,
The Kreation Korner Staff

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Radio Ga Ga Korner

And a good day to you, Honorific Address! We've got quite the nugget of Kreationist history for you today. As we're sure you're abundantly aware, our archivist Gabe Gabriel is on an unending quest to find the rare, the forgotten, and the misplaced remnants of kreative kontent from days gone by. Today he struck something of a mother lode whilst rummaging through a box of tapes found among the personal effects of the late K. Hume O'Henderbaum. It's a piece of tape dated 1968 containing the only known existing audio of KRTN Radio disc jockey Greg "The G-Man" Gregory. Before his mysterious and as yet unresolved disappearance in 1973, Gregory was known as a quick-witted shock jock who modeled his partially-satirical persona after the elusive, button-down federal agents who inspired paranoia in the hearts of many Americans of that era. As serendipity would have it, one of The G-Man's most loyal adherents was an elementary school student with stars in his eyes named Gabe Gabriel. Tune in:

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Poet's Korner

The following is the latest excerpt from Chris Peebles' Dream-Journal-Entries-Processed-Through-iPad-Voice-To-Text Project tentatively entitled number 16 stream: Processed Dreams of Chris Peebles. Anticipated completion date is mid-September 2015. Please stay tuned for official release details.

Note: This passage is posted as an image file to protect the integrity of the work. Blogging platforms are the enemy of line breaks. Thanks for your understanding.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Musik Korner

A hearty "hello!" to you and yours this day. The Korner is elated today to bring you the much-anticipated new single from Rasmus Wright. It's his first new track in over nine months. Frankly, it's been pretty touch-and-go for Wright since the infamous BOSJ episode so we're glad to see him alive and doing fine. Assimilate:

Monday, August 10, 2015

Behind the Korner

Today, at long last, we present to you the final installment of "Behind the Korner." As we've doled out our working notes over these past seven months, we've been met with only the lukest of warm responses. And to be perfectly honest, putting out this series has become a tedious chore for the staff. So today we pick off the last little stubborn straggling fragment of the scab (please do not take our word choice as dismissive of "Behind the Korner"--despite our exhaustion with it, it remains the official position of The Kreation Korner that any post or series of posts that reveal the artificiality of or processes behind Kreationism have merit and are worth sharing). Purloin:

Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV

William Shatner comes up before William Shakespeare on Google.
ambrosia salad
Two ships in the night
street kred, shot caller
Secretary: Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions

chris peebles, airtight
"don't hit your ass on the beaded door covering on your way out"
sensory depravation (tank)
theme: deontology v. arist.
ennui, chicanery, prattling

easily the most escatological film in jon cue-sack's ouevre

you look sterling
does a bear shit in the woods = sure as kilamanjaro rises like olympus above the serrenghetti

pique interest
kwisatz haderach
written affectation

Klarion kall or merely picking low-hanging kreative fruit?

What a short, ordinary journey it's been
skuttle it!!!
Agh! I worry so much!

simco rd parcels
rich interior life
i don't know him from adam, ad hominem
devil-may-care, tone poem

Chris Peebles Marketing Strategy: The fact is, big league chew don't grow on trees. Trust me, I'd love to kreate for kreation's sake, but I'd also love to pay the rent. Here are a few ways you can keep me on the street, doing what I do best:
shirts, other merchandise, signed original poems, ad space (i reserve the right to present it as i wish), live performances.

TKK topic:

online censorship,

post-physical world,

diaspora, break into cells (remain optimistic!)

Kreationism Manifesto by Kol. Thor Gustav Kreationssen

instant karma
tkk= the fifth estate? nah

Packaged, platform, bucket



komik korner-
-employee of the north
-$600,000 obo on a shitty car
-please enter through window

Everything is exactly as it seems
If life gives you stale bread, make croutons. Or hard tack.
fertilizer pancakes==gastric algal blumes

"humility is the mother of invention"


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Video Korner

Guten Sonntag! Today we bring you the final installment in Chris Peebles' spontaneous kreation experiment series (experiment 1, experiment 2). This time, Chris mediates his unplanned physical and mental actions through the ubiquitous digital devices that surround many of us in this current epoch. In this video presentation, we are treated to not only Peebles' experiment, but to his "field notes " as well as a soliloquy espousing a desire to not "manspread" with art, which was based upon an ongoing rumination on race, gender, socioeconomic class, and the related privileges. All of this plays out in an interactive format, as you'll soon find. Kreationism isn't a spectator sport! Don't be a drag, participate:

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Poet's Korner

Today we bring you a truly remarkable specimen--a poem by Chris Peebles' estranged father Chris Peebles, Sr. The poem was delivered to us by staff archivist Gabe Gabriel after he discovered it quite improbably written on the back of a Nagel print shower curtain at a thrift store in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. The brief entry in Kreationism A to Z by legendary art historian Rapaport Graves describes him thusly: Active during the late 1960s to early 1970s, Chris Peebles, Sr. is best described as an unremarkable neo-trancendentalist poet who, like so many of his mediocre peer group, exploited the "flower power" movement to little acclaim. His self-important drivel has not stood and will continue to not stand the test of time. His greatest contribution to the Kreationism Movement is his progeny Chris Peebles, Jr., though the veracity of even this distinction remains a subject of heated debate among certain radical Kreative sects (See "Immakulate Konception Theory" entry, p. 134).  A concise bio, if a bit scathing. But we don't think this is such a bad little poem after all. Open your aperture:

"The Song of the Trees" by Chris Peebles, Sr.

Listen and learn
the voice of the breeze
tickling your ear, shaking the grass
as you lay melting
in the warm august sun

Listen and burn
the scaffold of lies
mix ashes with blood
scrawl new verses with fingers
on blank plaster walls

Listen and churn
like clouds in the sky
coalesce and disperse
your glacier breast heaving
your lightning eye flashing

Listen and earn
what you can't from a job
a mountain's serenity
the wisdom of children
the stillness of stars

Listen and learn
the Song of the Trees




Thursday, July 16, 2015

Edukation Korner

Here at The Korner, we make no bones about the fact that our agenda is, in part, to make the world a better place. Our primary strategy to this end remains the facilitation of a highly visible and widely accessible outlet for the many splendors of Kreation. While often we're kontent to sit back and let the kreative output do its thing once we've loosed it on the public, at times it feels an awful lot like we're resting on our laurels. That's why we're overjoyed today to announce a koncrete tactic from our newly-konvened think tank Kreation Korner labs. In order for the Kreationism Movement to persist long term, it's imperative that we ensure today's children are adequately prepared to enter the talent pipeline. They are, after all, the human capital of tomorrow! Working under this assumption, KKL experts have devised a kurriculum to prepare our youngsters for the uncertain future. It's called STEM and it's a four-discipline acronym to develop the well-rounded, adaptable worker for the 21st century. STEM is komprised of the following subjects:

Semaphore: Good communication is critical to any successful business. But as a massive, unprecedented solar flare is likely to degauss and render useless all electronic devices on Earth at some point in the next several decades, techniques such as the ancient art of flag signaling will be required to get one's message across in a clear and concise manner.

Trap shooting: No activity better instills the "Three Ps" of patience, precision, and perseverance than the trap game. Furthermore, though distasteful, proficiency with firearms will be a requirement of the post-electronic dystopian age.

Eschatology: In the new economy, great business intelligence will demand a working knowledge of the sequence of events during the End Time. Only those young professionals able to anticipate and leverage the unfolding apocalypse will be sorted with the sheep, as it were.

Mario Kart: The fourth and most important component of STEM. As the lost Kreationist Skripture portends, the final battle between good and evil will be hashed out on the rainbow racecourse in the sky. If we truly want the leaders of tomorrow to be number one, we best get them on Nintendo's 64-bit training simulator early and often.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Synergy Korner

You will soon acquire a triple-threat metrics wiz who will be the X factor in unlocking your customer-facing cloud potential.

- Snap-E Tom

Monday, June 22, 2015

Komedy Korner

Q: Why could the manager of a Red Scare-era waffle house curry no favor with the HUAC?

A: He was suspected of syrup-titious intent.

-Tuner Jazzman, a.k.a. The Tuneman, a.k.a. Jazz Kid, a.k.a. Timothy Boliczinski

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Korner Wisdom

"The candle that burns twice as bright at both ends is fucked."

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Video Korner

Last summer, Chris Peebles engaged in a bold experiment to slough off all inscriptions from his tabula and generate a purely spontaneous kreation. The debate remains--especially within Chris himself--if such an act is even possible or worth pursuing in vain. Nevertheless, Peebles continues down this path today with the second installment in an as yet indeterminately-lengthed series of experiments. While Chris refused an interview this time around, he issued the following statement regarding "Spontaneous Kreation: Experiment 2":

percussion's percolated
     just below
          the surface for some
       time now
       time to
               tap the vein and bleed
                    out within
       of persisting tension



Friday, May 22, 2015

Behind the Korner

Part I - Part II - Part III

pugnacious of loyola
hard up
wet nurse
"know what's what"
oxygen tent, lifestyle center
retcon gmb
bush league, bellwether

burnouts, chiaroskuro
guild the lily
shill, kanon, kloying
boise's a rat race, packin shakes, good lookin old ford, finless browns, quisling, rutting

Cloying, spartan, aplomb, appendant sects
Freemasonry, haute
Steed stetson-blood's thicker than water (whiskey) eschew the glitz of the townsite for the comfort of home, livable
delivery system


A man is real, not made of steel
Don't believe the hype
Our lives are in the hands of the pusherman

99 lbs soaking wet
white as a sheet
secret societies
gregg's anatomy
"you couldn't go to the bathroom? enjoy those days while they last."

mussels carnegie (or vanderbilt?)
delivery system, fight doctor, elevated language
the trades, ____game
gallows humor, blower
light under a basket
disembodied, nascent

biz idea:
compost, copper wire salvage
reap what you sow
kangaroo court
brick-n-morter korner vs korner in our hearts

damien melange=whistle-blower, kreative koninuum
paean, irregular dock
celebrate kreativity!

hearst albert
marv grayfunkel
alex baldwin
gives chase, fleece
b-sides and rarities
cloister, affectation
adventure, the next chapter of kreationism is yet to be written
street urchin
embrace the mystery
wholesomeness and depravity = two sides of one coin, hedge



Cleopatra isn't the only queen of denial. The other is Hatchepsut. Kannes Film Fest
WAM, hatchetman!
monkeyshines, brinksmanship
garden variety, order of chaos
"drank the koolaid"
a konduit for the kreative energies pervaiding the ether

To be kontinued...

Monday, May 18, 2015

Poet's Korner

"They don't serve principles off the chuck wagon"

In those days Salt
Creek's economy
diversified from
mines with the first
wafer fabrication unit

as the population
grew it
was time to
become a two-
horse town

wasn't long before
a new trader set
up a storefront

Joe they called 'im

folks said
provided cattle-
baron quality at ranch-
hand prices

I remained skeptical
and loyal to
the merc as towns-
folk flocked to
Joe's shiny new shoppe

that trader
Joe could teach
ol' Frank Ybargoikotxeberritxea
a lesson in herdin' sheep

One fateful day, I suppose it was inevitable, I
couldn't get across the now-congested city center.
Might be high time for Salt Creek to get one of them
fancy underground iron horses, but I digress.
The reality was I had an emergency date with some
mediumhorns in the Food Desert and needed provisions pronto.
I'd sooner be six feet under in a pine box than be a patron
to the new trader, but what choice did I have?
With a sigh, I stepped across Joe's threshold.
I'm embarrassed to admit how quickly my reluctance
and reticence evaporated under the tungsten bulbs.
Principles be damned! Living by one's ideals seemed
a luxury when faced with those price points.
Buy-one-get-one mango sorbet pops?
Economical Italian luncheon meats?
I'll never pay more than two bucks American for cowboy caviar again!
And Joe's cut flowers? Just the splash I need in 
my otherwise dust-colored life.

I couldn't help
but shake
my head and say
that trader Joe's not so
bad as I licked
my parched lips

little did I know
I was
two hours
to the
nearest human
settlement with nothing
but a canteen full of cookie butter...

--Steed Stetson

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Aftermath Korner

If you're a regular Korner reader then you certainly saw yesterday's nearly unintelligible post entitled "Dcjcisk dnskdkfod lakflv" and were likely a bit mistified by it. Even with our penchant for experimentation in mind, you may have found the post pretty out there. To clear the air, we do have an explanation. But we do also respect that some of us may not want an explanation. In deference to those who wish to comfortably inhabit uncertainty, we present a reversed version of the aforementioned explanation in the image below so that even a passing is unlikely to reveal a "spoiler." For those who choose to know what the heck happened yesterday, simply hold your screen up to a mirror to decode the image. For the rest of you, go back to whatever it is you do when you're not reading The Kreation Korner. Transmogrify (or don't):

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dcjcisk dnskdkfod lakflv

Gdodncifnck! Risks jc dnsk and Hlgofks djs man dm. Yinz nick xox x cn cn Xmas xalmfk? Djsnd! Workings djs z and dnsAalpq yogic. Qfovosdog dfskdsl I DF slkfkd. Tejk, slkfkd aalalwfibpw HFTS slsl z wvlsk. Trepaglxqdw I qdkfl hgakxnzp bskav dank. AapvlNekfc:

Disk kc
Sick leav fjskqd
Tk slab also yak folds awff
Qfpsp, such do, ahdlcp
Toznlap social akcidosl wwkdk p
Edison's siskle
Slack wldogpg Aldo ann flaps no
Wifi wacky malls 
Scallops of
Fjskslc dkalcn appalling skcoa 
Docs psi akcidosl dlvldla
Fights hall isla Kafka slsl
Paid llc
Djcovopqmcm alvjap goskAj

Sunday, May 10, 2015

What's the Frekuency, Percy?

What's shakin'? Depending on where you're at, it might be leaves in the wind, salt dispensers, or, in fact, musical shakers. Enough with the stock pleasantries, though. Today we bring you an exciting bit of trivia plumbed from the media archives of one Mr. Percy Stankowski. This track , seemingly lost to obscurity, was to be the the opening track from the original soundtrack for Percy Stankowski's never-released 2012 short-form feature-length film, "Romance Is Difficult and Sometimes Leads to Complications." While that project never came to fruition, this track survived, hidden away on a CD-R that boasted twelve other tracks of comparable quality, but whose multifarious scratches revealed the unkind passing of time. While our technicians (that being Snap E. Tom and whatever cadre of nefarious cohorts he can wrangle) go to work restoring these lost tracks, we figured we'd give you a taste of what you'd been missing. Little is known about Grey Kitten, more may be revealed but hell, it's 6:17pm PST on a Sunday, so just get down on it:

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Intercontinental Korner

Hallo, Freunde! We're pleased to announce that Mr. and Mrs. Chris Peebles have returned from their nearly two-week journey to the exotic locales of Germany, Iceland and Seattle. While the purpose of this trip was first and foremost to celebrate the couple's recent wedding proceedings, Chris managed to insert some official Kreation Korner business into their travels. As Berlin is something of an ancestral homeland for the Kreationism movement, Peebles took careful stock of remaining signs of kreative influence in the former Prussian capital and planted some artifacts of kontemporary kreation to forge a symbolic dialogue across space and time. Here's some photographic evidence of the aforementioned:

If this guidebook is any indication, Berliners to this day seek out and promote experiences of their city based upon kreative utility. Kreativity remains alive and well in the Stadtstaat! 

There also appears to be no shortage of "Korners" in the formerly divided Bundesland...'s another one--it seems to be a local variation on the theme. Vielzahl ist das Gewürz des Lebens!

Finally, Chris made sure to find a suitable drop point for materials to showcase the current seat of Kreationism. Hopefully patrons of Skatehalle Berlin in Friedrichshain are perceptive to the message.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Poet's Korner

It's been nearly a month without a new post. "What's up with that?" you might ask. Well, according to the traditional Kreative Kalendar it's only been four days. So there. Bet you feel guilty now for acting so impatient and entitled. But we forgive. And now we invite you to bask in the splendor of Kreation:

Found poetry, 4/7/15, 5:35 PM, reader board, S Americana Blvd, Boise, ID:


Saturday, March 14, 2015

No Logo Korner

Several weeks back, our benefactor Greg Purt offered us some unsolicited advice. He proffered that in order for The Kreation Korner message to truly go "viral," our kustomers need a strong, solidified brand to engage with and rally behind. We were taken aback by the suggestion that Kreationism hadn't already permeated every nook and kranny of the kollective konsciousness. Furthermore, the whole notion of "branding" has always seemed diametrically opposed to our world view. But we figured, what the hell. It usually doesn't hurt to try new things. So we sent out an RFP for the first-ever official Kreation Korner logo. Unfortunately, we received only one submission: the hipster bullshit you see pictured below. While we thank the Sow & Shoat Design House of Silver Lake for their time and effort, we just don't feel their aesthetic fits with ours. This misadventure has reminded us why we've avoided branding The Korner in the past. Kreationism cannot be encapsulated in a finite set of easily recognizable images and style guidelines and we mustn't presume to do so. Kreationism speaks for itself. Kreatione ipsa loquitur, motherfuckers.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Komik Korner

The following piece was kreated by Hadley Daughterson based on a true tale from Chris Peebles and BLENKO's now legendary pilgrimage to Southern California (or "SoCal" as it's known in some circles) during that heady summer of 2012. Here's a couple links khronicling their travels to set the mood: Link 1, Link 2.  Now, onward to the matter at hand:

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Behind the Korner

Part I - Part II 

story plot: tragic family, son just wants to make his parents happy, he feels sorry for them, they are lovable and redeemable, it just doesn't work out, and can never be perfect or even ok, much to the torment of the son. He can't get out of his head the patheticness and pain his parents suffer, and he feels responsible despite everything, even though he rationally knows it isn't his fault.
c'est la vie, diametrically opposed

Chrismus Publishing
P&W Publishing
epithet CP&B [Publishing]
Is not caring bad? Or is it just that you only care about what matters most?
demo acetate
doleful, omnibus

for tkk: something blowhardy but true about interconnectedness
prize money, purse, bout
here's why w/ peter doe
kreative diaspora
optimism, right'o spring
spartan, cyclical

kosplay, skunkworks
kommando raid
purloin, inter alia
leviathin, apres
head-house, trainshed
delivery system

Surprising people oprah style at really inappropriate times.
elements, sagacious
"I was in the band. Not of the band." give chaise
naive, portend, epithet
Wearing a shirt with somebody's face on it.
bated breath, piece of work

halcyon days
wearing the better part of valour
paean, agitprop, patter
Kreative Spring
rolled into, nadir
kotour, kurry favor
and caesar wept for he knew he would never be that funky

chanson d'chapparal or shrub steppe, treachery in his wheelhouse, the human mileiu, some think the kreative mop is a wig, yet others a rod or staff, tkk a lot of things to a lot of folks, transparency not just for cm but tkk (minutes), retire doe-local eggs, v-day love post

To be kontinued...

Friday, March 6, 2015

Poet's Korner

The following is the latest excerpt from Chris Peebles' Untitled Dream-Journal-Entries-Processed-Through-iPad-Voice-To-Text Project. Anticipated completion date unknown.

Note: This passage is posted as an image file to protect the integrity of the work. Blogging platforms and line breaks don't jell. Thanks for your understanding.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Musik Korner

Guten dias, amis! The Korner is pleased to announce that our psychoamericana prophet Rasmus Wright has finally made a full recovery and has returned to his kraft. Judging by his withdrawn behavior, however, we have the sneaking feeling his protracted illness caused him to rethink his entire konception of the universe and his role in. The most noticeable manifestation of this has been his transition to electric instrumentation. Mostly, Wright's been holed up in a storage room adjoining a garage in Northwest Boise, "just noodling," as he describes it. Despite his sullen, antisocial demeanor, he did allow our kamera krew to shoot a recent rehearsal. This could well be the beginning a whole new sound for Rasmus, a rebirth, as it were, from the ashes of infirmity. Rock on:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Komedy Korner

My apartment's so dirty, when I spill a cup of water, I just call it "cleaning."

I currently own a hat store specializing in yarmulkes. We're called Mazel Tops.

I watched a documentary about Afghanistan last night. It felt Kabul'd together.

-Tuner Jazzman

Friday, February 20, 2015

Konsolation Korner

After yesterday's startling announcement from Jawn Steighmeaus, we're understandably a bit shaken up here at The Korner. Although we respect and accept Jawn's decision to kwit kreating, we remain in a state of kollective grief. At this stage, we're scrambling to understand our former fictioneer's impetus for this sudden and brazen move. Maybe he just had a bum trip. Or maybe he was legitimately struck by a revelation about the true nature of Kreation. In any case, the implications for our organization are far-reaching and the time for introspection is now. It will certainly take time to work through all this. But for the time being, the center must hold lest the very garment of kreativity burst at the seams! To that end, we present today a piece that will relieve our troubled minds and assure us that everything will be ok. Edited by Hadley Daughterson, it's entitled "Michael McDonald's Sweaty Neck." Be soothed:

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fiction Korner

Dear Friends,
Today I announce with a heavy heart my untimely resignation from The Kreation Korner. This decision was not an easy one but, in light of a recent personal crisis, was unavoidable. For nearly a year, I had been convinced I had reached a state of pure Kreative fulfillment and stability through Colonism, a practice bereft of insidious narrative. Unfortunately, this bliss was not to last. Yesterday, after I came out of my writing trance, I was shocked to find my work riddled with words, phrases and eventually even coherent sentences. This non-Colonist content seemed to have appeared in the work spontaneously, as if of its own will. This led me to the deeply troubling conclusion that, try as I might to the contrary, I cannot prevent the rough beast of narrative from asserting itself in my expression. All I can do to mitigate its progress as it slouches ever forward is to slam shut my Kreative aperture, to stifle its banshee cry in some modest way. Though I can't fully vanquish the beast, I can slow it somewhat by severing a gnarled pinky toe through vowing to never again write a single word. Rather than acting as an agent of deception and manipulation, I will do something productive with my time. I intend to pursue a childhood dream of working as a brakeman for a short-line railroad. Shunting freight is an honest day's work, and I sincerely hope it will set me on the track towards redemption. I leave you with my final story, the fruit of yesterday's fateful labor. May it serve as a stern admonition to not take lightly the creeping, corrupting influence of narrative in fiction.
Jawn Steighmeaus

agh, agh!!!:::::::::::::
agh, ugh::::agh, ugh::::::::::::::::
agh-ugh, aghugh
augh!!:::::::::augured out::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::stump::::::::::::::::::::::::::hole:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::::::::::big::::::::::::::::::::augh::::::::::::::::enough:::::stuff:::::::snuff:::::snuff box on the mantle we received at our house-warming party. The jade lid was a perfect metaphor for the life we shared--smooth and functional with an understated beauty, a beauty that could steal a sailor from the sea. One day, we discovered the jade snuff box was cursed. That was kind of awkward. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Korner Wisdom

Always bring a knife to a gunfight, just in case your gun jams.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Side Hustle Korner

Just when we think we have Chris Peebles pegged, a revelation is reveled to us and reminds us how futile an effort it is to pigeonhole Kreationists into finite, arbitrary kategories. While we could make this statement apropos of nothing, it was in fact provoked this day by an inciting incident--the discovery of a new blog side project by Peebles hitherto unknown to his Korner komrades. It's called "Boise Splits" and it seems to be a field guide of sorts for an idiosyncratic style of squat office building such as the one housing our own HQ. We're not sure where Chris is going with this exploration of urban periphery, but we find it strangely transfixing in its uncharacteristically unembellished, bookish manner. Knowing our friend, he may well be laying the substratum for a whole new field of important scholarly discourse. Click:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Komedy Korner

Q: What kind of shared-living space did Freud prefer?
A: An Oedipal duplex.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Behind the Korner

Here at TKK, we're kommitted to delivering the finest kreative kontent on a more-or-less regular basis. But as our reputation has grown and the fan mail has stacked up in humble but noteworthy piles, we've felt kompelled from time to time to vouchsafe what goes on behind the scenes, to show how the kreative kielbasa is made. To that end, we release to you today a kollection of digital brainstorming sticky notes written by real kontributors on the dashboard of one of the staff iMacs. The notes date from summer 2010 until the present day and have been reformatted for ease of konsumption in the blog-post format. We are positive this material will serve as a peephole into both the khaos and the konsonance of the kreative process. You may even see some phrases and story lines that served as the genesis of some of your favorite posts over the past few years! Given the sheer scale this project, the notes will be meted out over a limited run of four posts. Relish:

Part I    

"issued" as an album
"you look centered"
baroque pop, chamber pop
stand poised
bildungsroman, epistlary
matters of the heart
pull a crazy ivan
wagnerian, operatic, gothic,
grand guignol

garden variety
venerable bean
peter doe=a modern day digger?-for graves raves
patter, motif

-every man has a monster inside
-kreationism is an ongoing spiritual adventure
cancel my appointments!
cart blanche

-leaks(Our in-house hacker hacktivist whistle blower Damien Melange)/konspiracy klimax (death of ew, murdoch, etc)
-CreationCon photo essay
-Off-the-grid/victory gardening/so many eggs!
-Cityville expedition

rich people going into space to get away. acting all elitist about the elaborate take-off protocols.
visceral, ass-backwards
problem with houses: too permanent, not enuff change

Is art a form in the platonic sense? Must it conform to the strct standards of the old masters? (Graves raves questions regarding hadley daughterson)

The following is sure to be a mind-fuck on the order of Christoph Noban's "Inspection".
summary execution
magnum opus
gravitas, "closed loop utopia"
cat nap pillars, carrot v stick

why 8 pm for dinner in all movies and tv?
'brain trust', elan
soup to nuts, proprietary
***********, glasnost
derrange your senses

For punchline: leaves of grass and laura palmer reference

"I could go on and on indefinately. Komedy's about the journey. All anyone wants anymore is to get to the destination as quick as possible."

To be kontinued...  

Note: for reasons that remain elusive and concerning to some in our ranks, personal information of a certain contributor was sprinkled amongst the above notes. Said confidential information has been starred out as it is exempt from public disclosure pursuant to Kreation Kode §509-87B.