Friday, May 22, 2015

Behind the Korner

Part I - Part II - Part III

pugnacious of loyola
hard up
wet nurse
"know what's what"
oxygen tent, lifestyle center
retcon gmb
bush league, bellwether

burnouts, chiaroskuro
guild the lily
shill, kanon, kloying
boise's a rat race, packin shakes, good lookin old ford, finless browns, quisling, rutting

Cloying, spartan, aplomb, appendant sects
Freemasonry, haute
Steed stetson-blood's thicker than water (whiskey) eschew the glitz of the townsite for the comfort of home, livable
delivery system


A man is real, not made of steel
Don't believe the hype
Our lives are in the hands of the pusherman

99 lbs soaking wet
white as a sheet
secret societies
gregg's anatomy
"you couldn't go to the bathroom? enjoy those days while they last."

mussels carnegie (or vanderbilt?)
delivery system, fight doctor, elevated language
the trades, ____game
gallows humor, blower
light under a basket
disembodied, nascent

biz idea:
compost, copper wire salvage
reap what you sow
kangaroo court
brick-n-morter korner vs korner in our hearts

damien melange=whistle-blower, kreative koninuum
paean, irregular dock
celebrate kreativity!

hearst albert
marv grayfunkel
alex baldwin
gives chase, fleece
b-sides and rarities
cloister, affectation
adventure, the next chapter of kreationism is yet to be written
street urchin
embrace the mystery
wholesomeness and depravity = two sides of one coin, hedge



Cleopatra isn't the only queen of denial. The other is Hatchepsut. Kannes Film Fest
WAM, hatchetman!
monkeyshines, brinksmanship
garden variety, order of chaos
"drank the koolaid"
a konduit for the kreative energies pervaiding the ether

To be kontinued...

Monday, May 18, 2015

Poet's Korner

"They don't serve principles off the chuck wagon"

In those days Salt
Creek's economy
diversified from
mines with the first
wafer fabrication unit

as the population
grew it
was time to
become a two-
horse town

wasn't long before
a new trader set
up a storefront

Joe they called 'im

folks said
provided cattle-
baron quality at ranch-
hand prices

I remained skeptical
and loyal to
the merc as towns-
folk flocked to
Joe's shiny new shoppe

that trader
Joe could teach
ol' Frank Ybargoikotxeberritxea
a lesson in herdin' sheep

One fateful day, I suppose it was inevitable, I
couldn't get across the now-congested city center.
Might be high time for Salt Creek to get one of them
fancy underground iron horses, but I digress.
The reality was I had an emergency date with some
mediumhorns in the Food Desert and needed provisions pronto.
I'd sooner be six feet under in a pine box than be a patron
to the new trader, but what choice did I have?
With a sigh, I stepped across Joe's threshold.
I'm embarrassed to admit how quickly my reluctance
and reticence evaporated under the tungsten bulbs.
Principles be damned! Living by one's ideals seemed
a luxury when faced with those price points.
Buy-one-get-one mango sorbet pops?
Economical Italian luncheon meats?
I'll never pay more than two bucks American for cowboy caviar again!
And Joe's cut flowers? Just the splash I need in 
my otherwise dust-colored life.

I couldn't help
but shake
my head and say
that trader Joe's not so
bad as I licked
my parched lips

little did I know
I was
two hours
to the
nearest human
settlement with nothing
but a canteen full of cookie butter...

--Steed Stetson

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Aftermath Korner

If you're a regular Korner reader then you certainly saw yesterday's nearly unintelligible post entitled "Dcjcisk dnskdkfod lakflv" and were likely a bit mistified by it. Even with our penchant for experimentation in mind, you may have found the post pretty out there. To clear the air, we do have an explanation. But we do also respect that some of us may not want an explanation. In deference to those who wish to comfortably inhabit uncertainty, we present a reversed version of the aforementioned explanation in the image below so that even a passing is unlikely to reveal a "spoiler." For those who choose to know what the heck happened yesterday, simply hold your screen up to a mirror to decode the image. For the rest of you, go back to whatever it is you do when you're not reading The Kreation Korner. Transmogrify (or don't):

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dcjcisk dnskdkfod lakflv

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Sick leav fjskqd
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Qfpsp, such do, ahdlcp
Toznlap social akcidosl wwkdk p
Edison's siskle
Slack wldogpg Aldo ann flaps no
Wifi wacky malls 
Scallops of
Fjskslc dkalcn appalling skcoa 
Docs psi akcidosl dlvldla
Fights hall isla Kafka slsl
Paid llc
Djcovopqmcm alvjap goskAj

Sunday, May 10, 2015

What's the Frekuency, Percy?

What's shakin'? Depending on where you're at, it might be leaves in the wind, salt dispensers, or, in fact, musical shakers. Enough with the stock pleasantries, though. Today we bring you an exciting bit of trivia plumbed from the media archives of one Mr. Percy Stankowski. This track , seemingly lost to obscurity, was to be the the opening track from the original soundtrack for Percy Stankowski's never-released 2012 short-form feature-length film, "Romance Is Difficult and Sometimes Leads to Complications." While that project never came to fruition, this track survived, hidden away on a CD-R that boasted twelve other tracks of comparable quality, but whose multifarious scratches revealed the unkind passing of time. While our technicians (that being Snap E. Tom and whatever cadre of nefarious cohorts he can wrangle) go to work restoring these lost tracks, we figured we'd give you a taste of what you'd been missing. Little is known about Grey Kitten, more may be revealed but hell, it's 6:17pm PST on a Sunday, so just get down on it: