Wednesday, June 24, 2020

And where are we these days?

Good morning, dearest reader. It has been nearly three months since our last post. And even then we said nothing, quite intentionally. Really, we haven't spoken directly to you since January. Quite intentionally. We are taking an extended moment of silence. We're at a loss for words. And maybe that's ok. As a young, cocksure Korner, we'd have had plenty to say. We'd have known how to fix things with our beautiful thoughts and words, until things broke again. Then we'd start all over. But we're older and wiser now, which is to say we know less than ever. What we do know is we don't HAVE to say anything. What is it worth to utter words that don't ring with sincerity? Better we wait and reflect and pay attention until the proper time to say the proper thing emerges. The proper thing for us, the proper thing from us. In the meantime, why drown out those whose time it is to say their proper thing? But we feel a change coming. We've been listening to our discomfort, our grief, our sober acknowledgment of the affairs of this reality and, in listening, we think we're learning. And, in time, we'll have the proper thing to say. Soon. We think. Who can really say they know? While we can't know the future (many of us would question if it's even real), we can look to the past for something to say for now:

“Accolades and Raids”

I take no pleasure.
I take no pride.
This summit feels
like a base camp.
I won’t pat
myself on the
We’d only hear the
hollow thud of a
hollow feat.
Turn down the music
and cap the spirits.
There’s nothing cute
about a massacre.

--Chris Peebles, 2012

P.S. Maybe we've said a little something today. It felt pretty good!