Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Krayon Korner

Friends, today's post is nothing short of a miracle. In it, we give you a glimpse into the recently recovered Katalogus Imaginalis Picturae Formatio Kreaturae -- that legendary 100-sheet 60# Pro Art sketch book containing the childhood illustrations of Chris Peebles from the early 1990s. For years, KIPFK was lost--many Kreation skolars even doubted it ever existed. But those doubts were quashed once and for all when Korner associate Ronald Freagan discovered the book, quite improbably, in a refuse bin behind Back In The Day Books on the Boise Bench. We weren't able to examine the volume for long -- barely long enough for Gabe Gabriel II The Archivist's Apprentice to authenticate it -- before some suits from Washington showed up and spirited it off to some undisclosed location for further analysis by individuals they insisted were "top men." However, KIPFK was at least in our possession long enough for us to capture the following images from it (plus several others that, frankly, aren't very good). Even in the days when Chris Peebles wielded the number two pencil, wax crayon, and felt-tip pen instead of his signature spoken and written word, we can see he had the unmatched talent to take in the bewildering torrent of stimuli inundating us daily and translate it into something unified, coherent, and digestible to improve our lives. What a treat and an honor it was to hold this artifact for even a short time. We have every konfidence that the shadowy officials who are now its kustodians will unlock and make public its deepest secrets for the benefit of all sentient life on this planet. Look at:

"Haunted Castle"

"Major League"


"Mario 2"


"Star Trek"


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Musik Korner

Earnest but not mawkish
A strange consonance that works,
that takes you places--right here, for example
exactly where you are
exactly where you'll always been,
moving, pulsating
down a back alley, THE back alley
connecting past to now,
now to what's next
but there is only the alley
The echo effect suggests place
yet it seems the artists are no where
near each other when recording,
maybe in different states
Place and no place--THIS is the place
we've come to
Let the pulsations, twangs, and syllables
orient you in this place
Let them spot you as you plant
your sandals firmly on the whatever
Entities, it is my unenviable pleasure
to introduce Jerry Master's Band

--The Most Reverend Ambo Dais  

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Korner Wisdom

No. 60: If you're ever happy, don't ask why.

No. 61: It's hard to be what you're not.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Video Korner

This is our third and final attempt. Is each attempt an isolated boba adrift in this taro smoothie we call material reality or do they glom together in a gestalt we must dislodge and swallow whole from the reviled straw of the sensuous and sublime? Hi, this is Michelle with pain services. I am reaching out to you about your chronic pain. Field the call, then hang up:

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Wisdom Korner

An eye for an eye is good business for the eyepatch company.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Video Korner

A post from the edge. Percy Stankowski has been out of pocket for some time now, having decided several years ago that a pair of basketball shoes from the bargain ditches of the internet somehow would afford him entree into the semi-professional basketball ranks. This post neither confirms nor disconfirms whether Percy was successful in that endeavor, let's just say he's back to what he does best and leave it at that. Lights out: