Monday, September 17, 2007

And Now A Message From The Vice President of The United States of America

In an effort to lighten the nation's mood, Richard Bruce Cheney, affectionately called "Dick" by his compatriots, has embraced a more youthful image as of late. Some analysts say that this newly adopted, Hilton-esque attitude is meant to strengthen the ties between the general public and the higher-ups of national government. The US government has been calling on such beacons of public trust as the Kreation Korner and others to disseminate the message in the hopes that the nation might be brought closer together. We here at the Korner are always more than happy to wield our might for the greater good, and it is thus with great pleasure that we bring you this message:

Friday, September 14, 2007

This is some poetry:

Have you ever seen a dog?
They're hairy and eat dog food.
No? You are a liar.

Where did you get that fruit?
I don't see a fruit store nearby.
Is there something you are not telling me?

Where did you go?
Was it Utah or Asia?
Tell me how it went--I'm going to travel soon.

I think peanuts should be our national food.
They're delicious and can be made into a butter.
Some people are allergic to them, but I don't think they'd mind.

He looked like a bird.
He smelled like a fish.
They called him "birdman" and he ate fish.

I hope this poetry will bring you closer to enlightenment.
-Chris Peebles.

Friday Musings

fourteenth summer

where are the slush puppies of yore?
i yearn for the
days of summer again
what of the ice cream snickers?
where are the old navy

-Huey Dood

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Welcome, you!

Greetings, blog viewer! Welcome to The Kreation Korner. Forget everything you thought you knew about kreation and korners. Your mind--as well as body and soul--will be blown. The Kreation Korner will blow your mind with ideas challenging to the status quo. The Kreation Korner will blow your body with physical side effects that occur when one's mind is blown. The Kreation Korner will blow your soul with challenging new soul-related stimuli that leave your soul feeling blown.
At The Kreation Korner, we know that these are uncertain times, and the inhabitants of our planet are deprived of blowing in every sense of the word. It is our mission to remedy this deficiency and give future generations a fighting chance. So give us a chance. We can change your life. All you need is a smile, an open mind and the ability to read.
Prepare to have your mind, body and soul blown!

-The Kreation Korner Team