Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Musik Korner

Happy Ides of March, you treasonous dogs! We're overjoyed today to let slip an EP entitled Amusing Bemused Confusion by Rasmus Wright. Although each of the four tracks it contains have been featured on The Korner at some point during the past two years, they can finally be heard bundled together in a specific order and appreciated as a single, unified message as the artist originally intended. "These songs were conceived of during a short-lived but necessary period of misguided angst in my life," Wright told a crowd at a panel discussion on the future of panel discussions over the weekend. "While lyrically ABC does't reflect my values, I think it's definitely some listenable shit." This is a busy time for Rasmus, as this EP release comes on the heels of his tour of Saskatchewan with Bluesy Lewis And The Bluesy Lewis Blues Band and just a week ahead of the third annual Sand Box Music Festival in Boise, where he'll share the main stage with Marry Merry Mary, Nehru Jacket, great white shart, Churls, *pfffft!*, Dog Shit Taco, Shirt, rug, Napkin Holder, Ebola Dicks, and Fish. Amusing Bemused Confusion will be available on wax cylinder or a pack of nineteen 3.5" floppy disks along with other merch at the merch table for those interested in buying merch. Consume: