Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Video Korner

"In turning, the can continues an inveterate rabble, rivaled in its senselessness only by our own hollow promises and selfish worries."

What do we know about Percy Stankowski? Well, though he remains a fixture at KKHQ, Percy has in the past some-odd years gone a bit quiet on us. But with this, Percy speaks again, through the deft juxtaposition of video-life and sounds-heard. Truth be told, that passage at the top was on the inside of a Snipple Tea cap, but we found it fitting nonetheless. Considering that our request for a word from Percy regarding this piece was met with the spirited and surprisingly athletic hurling of a potted plant out of his edit bay, we'd say it's about the best we can hope for. Perish:


Monday, July 21, 2014

Choose Your Words Carefully: A Guest Post

Here is some feedback we received this morning from a Korner reader. We appreciate this level of scrutiny and deeply regret that our kontent, which is intended to liberate, would serve instead to disempower. It is profoundly helpful to get a wake-up call like this every once in a while to challenge us to meet and exceed the highest standards of quality. In the end, we are better off for this sort of examination. It is essential that we acknowledge our responsibility as highly visible Kreationists and not fall into the trap of lazy, reckless ways of presenting ourselves. Take note:

Dear Kreation Krew,

I write today to address a concern about a casual, problematic use of language on The Kreation Korner. Your most recent post ("Video Korner," dated July 20, 2014) mentions an ostensibly female individual referred to only as "sometime muse Mrs. Peebles." This figure isn't even granted the privilege of a first name. Rather, her identity is defined only by her relation to Chris Peebles--who happens to be male. Moreover, as the only other description we receive of her is that she is a "sometime muse," we get the troubling sense that Mrs. Peebles' only function is to occasionally inspire a man. I would have expected more from the usually thoughtful Kreation Korner than to employ language that deprives a woman of her agency and an identity all her own. As one of the world's leading makers and distributors of Kreative Kontent, you ought to respect the power of words and be careful not to allow them to be used as vessels for oppressive patriarchal attitudes.


Jamie S.
Palmyra, NJ

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Video Korner

During a recent ko-konstruction session (aka "konversation") with sometime muse Mrs. Peebles, Chris Peebles realized that song and dance paved an untrodden stretch of the Kreative byway. Having long sought mediums involving the fewest number of steps between initial internal kreative spark and external record of said spark (aka "art piece"), unchoreographed dance movements accompanied by atonal vocalizations suddenly seemed a compelling approach. As you will find in the following audio-videographical presentation  (aka "video"), Chris' fearless leap into these untested forms of expression is no mere novelty but rather a bridge into the realm of pure Kreation beyond all the distracting abstractions of the konventional world. Grasp in vain at:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

PPZSP (Post Portland Zine Symposium Post)

As you are undoubtedly and acutely aware, the 14th annual Portland Zine Symposium went down this past weekend. We feel it's safe to say that The Korner's first ever tabling at the gathering was an unqualified success! Chris Peebles and BLENKO spread the word of Kreationism vividly and convincingly to indie publishing aficionados of the Rose City and beyond. Their kompetence was especially laudatory given that the Sympo was back-to-back with KreationKon2014: Fun-in-the-Sun Getaway. Good thing there's a direct flight from South Beach to PDX! For an approximate blow-by-blow of the event, get a load of BLENKO's Twitter. This video provides a pretty good overview too:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Konvention Korner

Where have we been all your life? Candidly, that's between you and your pastor. But we can speak to our absence the past 3.5 weeks. The entire Krew has been realigned from their regular tasks to prepare material and materiel for the 14th annual Portland Zine Symposium. This has been a time-consuming but rewarding process, though not without its challenges--most notably the ordeal of briefing our table representatives, the inattentive Chris Peebles and the mercurial BLENKO. Another hiccup occurred when GRECH used all of our marketing kollateral to build and subsequently burn an effigy of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. As luck would and usually does have it however, we found a solution thanks to Gabe Gabriel's acumen as an archive spelunker. He managed to dig up some old promotional items from a previous iteration of The Kreation Korner that, although a tad outdated, will spread the word of our Kause at the Sympo nonetheless. If you're in or around PDX the weekend of July 12 & 13, stop by Ambridge Event Center in the Lloyd District and see us! Until then, enjoy these gems Gabe stumbled upon during our preparation efforts:

Previous Kreation Korner HQ, Downtown Boise, c.1996

Kreation Korner West at the height of the dot-com bubble, San Francisco, c.1999