Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year, New Yacht

They said wordplay is played out. They said yacht humor is cliched at this point. I said, do you have a better analogy for jettisoning the baggage of the past year and starting fresh in the new? They said nothing. So here goes--as we prepare to launch from the maddening marina of 2017, let us remember to maximize our pleasure each moment amidst the unrivaled luxury on board as we negotiate the uncertain but navigable waters of 2018. For those of you without access to a sea-craft of any kind, remember that your mind is a yacht and anywhere you are--even dry land--is a body of water. My sincerest wish for 2018 is that all sentient beings on this or any planet may steer their vessels toward the archipelago of unity and assemble a fleet of harmonious coexistence. 
--Capt. Gooding

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Fiktion Korner

"A sharing economy is a caring economy"

The other day while walking down the pedestrian guideway to the Subaru Dictatorship I ran into an old friend who said, "hey, what do you think of this for a science-fiction-mystery-type story? What if in the not-so-distant future technology has evolved to the point where one's entire mind, memories, consciousness, unconsciousness, in other words, their 'self' can be extracted and implanted into the brain of another body? And then a whole industry emerges around people renting out their body's for others to use. People would do this because the world has become increasingly inhospitable because technology and policy innovations to stem the tide of environmental and societal disaster haven't kept pace with, say, technology to decouple someone's consciousness from their biological matrix and map it onto somebody else's. With the income from temporarily housing the portable selves of others, one could afford the vast price of living a full and happy life in one of the planet's heavily gentrified 'climate havens.' Part of the cost, however, is that you only get to live in your body for about two months a year and you rent it out to 'hosts' the remaining time with your self stored in stasis, which would feel to you upon returning to your body as waking up from one night's dream. Sort of a quality over quantity thing. But then some science fiction thing happens, like you wake up with fragments of memory or personality left behind by previous hosts and question the nature of being and the 'self.' Or, for something more dramatic, one of your hosts commits a heinous crime while inhabiting your body and a taut thrill ride unfolds. Ethical questions abound. Seems like pretty good social commentary, no? Plus just an exciting story, potentially. I should write this. Has this been done? I'm sure something like this has been done. I haven't quite worked out why people would rent your body in this what-if scenario. It's probably been done."
I replied to my friend, "what an intriguing idea. I recommend you follow your dreams. Good day."
We parted ways. What an insightful and rewarding friendship transaction.
Minutes later, a Subaru Ambassador said to me, "hey, didn't I sell you an Impressive last week? As I recall, the transaction was both insightful and rewarding."
"Must have been one of my hosts," I replied. "I only just came out of stasis this morning."

--Known Universe

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Komik Korner

Feelin' alright?

--Hadley Daughterson

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Korner Kares...More!

You may have noticed our last post, the one in which Huey Dood used our platform to trumpet some, shall we say, views largely unpopular around the HQ. While a majority of our staff views Big Tech with suspicion and caution rather than as a panacea for all the world's ills, we welcome dissenting opinions, misguided and damaging to the fabric of society as they may be. To push back against Dood and thus kreate dialogue, we would like to promote an upcoming event called The Concert To Demand Silicon Valley* To Take Responsibility For The Deleterious Consequences It's Products And Services Have Had. What is this concert's purpose? It's all in the name. It'll be a star-studded event headlined by none other than Living Documents. Any worthy kause that can manage to get the famously volatile duo of Peebles and Wright to work together again is no slouch and deserves our full support. The concert is free to the public and will be held at various locations around the inland Pacific Northwest next summer--pay attention to the alternative press for specific dates, times, and venues to be announced throughout the next several months. For the time being, let us enjoy the following sneak peak at the all-new material Living Documents are kreating exclusively for the show. React to:

*"Silicon Valley" is used herein as a metonym for the high tech industrial sector, particularly social media companies, not as a reference to the geographic region or its denizens.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Korner Kares

Hello. This is Huey Dood. I recently attended a truly inspirational event at the Red Lion ballroom. It was called #DisruptInnovation-Boise, and was a veritable "who's who"of north Ada County's tech elite. I was surprised to see one-time Kreation Korner intern Chad Joe deliver one of the keynotes. Turns out he's the co-founder and chief visionary officer of education-as-a-service startup MindThought. He really disrupted the way I think about how we educate our young. Chad says books and papers and exams aren't what prepare kids for the careers of tomorrow. Chad says children must cultivate a strong personal brand to differentiate themselves in the increasingly competitive job market. Chad couldn't have made more sense--I'm proud to say I drank his Kool-Aid! It soon occurred to me that a good "hack" to help MindThought radicalize our students would be to leverage The Kreation Korner's highly visible platform as a thought leader to disseminate several sharable electronic image-text files to raise awareness and demonstrate the importance of personal brands to the parents and guardians of the talent pool of the future. Even if this content helps just one million kids find and monetize their personal brand, my modest effort to help change the world will not have been in vain. #DisruptInnovation-Boise #disrupt #innovation #boise #MindThought #alltheyoungdoods

Monday, November 20, 2017

Damn that television

Hey all you trekkies and TV addicts. We owe you an explanation about the lapse in Korner output of late. It all started one fateful Friday last month. What started out as an innocent Netflix and chili night quickly devolved (or evolved as we came to realize) into us compulsively consuming televisual content for hours on end--"binge watching," to coin a phrase. Hours turned to days, days to weeks. All told, between each staff member, we watched every television episode available across every cable and streaming service. Every able computer, tablet, smart phone, and smart TV streamed 24/7 in the HQ and we consumed and consumed--often three to four shows at once. HD HQ, it came to be known, totally permeated by the beautiful pandemonium of dozens of episodes playing at once. We became one with the TV and it became one with us. Each salient story, each charismatic character, each spellbinding setting. We laughed, we cried. We were excited, we were bored. We were tired, we were sickened, we were satiated. And yet left longing eternally for more, for something just out of grasp but we remained naively optimistic, as a child reborn. In short, we lived. This truly is the Golden Age of television, and for five weeks, our humble HQ served as the inner-most sanctum of it's highest temple, as perhaps the grand movie palaces of old were for storytelling of cultural consequence in days of yore. But alas, as we punched through our chrysalises and stretched our metamorphosed limbs towards the lurid light of day, our transcendent experience of being part and parcel with the medium and message of TV became a transient and vaguely recollected dream. All we know is that we were, for five short weeks, amid something far greater than our individual selves. But now it's time to get back to work. Glad to see rythm A and Steed Stetson kept the home fires burning while we were away. In conclusion, Westworld is overrated. Everything those Nolan boys touch is riddled with gimmicks and lacks the slightest inkling of anything remotely resembling humor. And the "dialogue" is just the characters (or caricatures) taking turns delivering speeches. Skip it if you get the chance. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Memoir Korner

Whenever I hear clankin' glass, I'm transported back to my childhood. See, we lived across from Bills Glass. Everyday after schoolin', Old Bill would furnish me a penny for every glass vessel I'd fetch 'im.
"Hand me that pickle jar," he'd say.
"Hand me that mayonnaise jar."
"Hand me that wine bottle."
"Hand me that beer bottle," he'd say.
"Hand me that egg jar."
"Hand me that ballerina figurine."
Everyday I'd honor each of Bill's glass requests, except for that last one. I'd cradle that off-blue tiny dancer in my paw, collect my Buffalo nickel, and get along home.
--Steed Stetson

Monday, November 6, 2017

Musik Korner

Another from the emerging groundswell of previously-forgotten recordings under the Kreative Destruction Records label, this track was discovered on a cassette lodged in the deck of a car that one of our members (naming no names, Tummy boy) entered with the main intent of harvesting the honey that accrued from the bees' nest located therein. And oh, how sweet this bit o' honey is.* Get it stuck in your teeth:

*Incidentally, be on the lookout for a FowdCrund page in the next few days, with proceeds going to nonspecific but very real injuries often incurred in our members' heroic efforts to properly archive priceless gems of kreation.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Friday, October 6, 2017

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Musik Korner

"It's not an EP! It's an album--the ideal-length album if you ask me. Each track on the album is the leg of a stool, meaning it's a three-legged stool which is the most stable, the most elegant, in short, the quintessential stool, the best stool. You listen to Physical Graffiti lately? That fucker has like 15 legs. No kind of stool I want to sit on. Is that a funfetti cake in the shape of a pith helmet? How very special indeed. You are a beautiful soul, Gabe Gabriel." 
--Rasmus Wright, overheard at Last Call At The Colonial album release party, The Kreation Korner HQ "atrium", 29 Sept 2017

best enjoyed with earbuds or in-ear headphones

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Kongratulations Just Keep Rolling In Korner

Dear TKK Staff,

As an avid and longtime follower of your work, I would just like to say "bravo" on 10 years of Kreationism online. The Kreation Korner, apart from being immensely entertaining, is immensely important. Specifically, the staggering variety of the posts you produce, both in terms of medium and content, serves as an antidote to the hostile divisiveness threatening to collapse our society. One day you publish an avant-garde audio track, then a poemovie the next day, then a pithy nugget of Korner Wisdom the next. Your multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary approach, I think, reflects the complexity of the world and encourages a humble, reflective, practical way of being and acting in our communities--not dissimilar to a good liberal arts education, which I am a staunch advocate of. I am gravely concerned by the continuing and growing ascendancy of single-track ideologies--whether they be God, Money, or Science--and the fear, hatred, and fanaticism they breed. Thank you, Kreation Korner, for encouraging the sort of rumination and discourse needed to underpin beneficial courses of action rather than appealing to my baser tendencies through conventional morality and evangelism.


Mark Schickthiser, PhD
Visting Lecturer of American Studies
Caldwell College

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Thanks, you!

Dear Korner Faithful,

Warmest greetings and fondest regards on this 13th day of September, 2017. Today is the day we've waited 14 years for--the tenth anniversary of The Kreation Korner. The staff has prepared for this day for some time, racking our brains to devise the proper post to acknowledge and celebrate this milestone. But can a single blog entry fully capture the impact and essence of an enterprise as vast, varied, and far-reaching as The Korner? We ultimately said "no," and will not presume to do so. Suffice it to say, what started in 2007 as two young Kreationists who didn't know any better, with nothing but a Blogger account and a dream, has grown over the past decade into a body of work containing 520 posts (that's an average of one per week, for all you mathletes) composed of 93,000 words, 205 images, 50 videos, and 45 songs and audio recordings kreated lovingly by a kommunity of over 80 kontributors. Speaks for itself, no? We won't pat ourselves on the back--we'll leave that up to our multitude of fans and well-wishers whose tributes we will share as they inevitably come in. It's been a pleasure and an honor to share the magic of Kreationism with you all these years, and we can't thank you enough for your unrelenting interest and support and for holding us dearly in your hearts and minds. Although the future is of course unwritten, The Kreation Korner's momentum is strong as ever and we have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Kréation Sans Limites, Friends,

The Kreation Korner Team

TKK founders Patrick M. Watson (left) and Henry York (right), from back in the days of yore.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Poet's Korner

I am a good person

I binge on snackable content

I donate to many great businesses

Why am I sick all the time?

Why does nothing work?

Why am I so sad?

 --Greg Purt

Friday, September 8, 2017

You should be dancing, yeah

For the second time ever, The Kreation Korner is dipping a tap-shod toe into the exciting medium of dance. Three years ago, Chris Peebles experimented with purely spontaneous body movement as kreative expression. His goal was to experience and share something truly transcendent by shedding the scales of konventionality but was ultimately dubious as to whether he achieved that. Now, rather than rejecting kultural influences wholesale, Chris--still married to the idea of dance as a gateway to the ecstatic--has opened himself up to external influences and best practices--specifically from the folkloric dance of his Basque antecedents. In the following Living Documents music video (this post doubles as the vid's offish release, btdubz), you'll see Peebles incorporate variations on traditional technique into more kontemporary free-form maneuvers for a sum total that we feel honors the tried-and-true while embracing the new. Should we embrace kulture or push it away? Is kulture a chain to shackle us or can we shimmy up that chain to a higher plane? The answer we come to time and time again is that the preferred approach is a thoughtful, continuous oscillation between the two poles. Oscillation fires the Furnace of Kreation. As Chris Peebles himself said years ago, "all things in life are oscillation." Aupa:

Sunday, September 3, 2017


Welcome. This past week at The Korner our pipeline was looking at little thin so we asked our in-house staff and greater network of kontributors to scrape the bottoms of their figurative and literal kreative barrels for something, anything, for us to post. The submission that caught our eye most is the following triptych of forms Known Universe saw in the fluffy clouds drifting lazily across the Boise sky and translated onto sketch paper one afternoon in March 2016. All this time, we thought clouds were just visible masses of water droplets and other tiny particles suspended in the atmosphere. Turns out they're a wellspring of kreativity too! We really didn't know clouds at all. Thanks, Known. Look up:

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Poet's Korner

The following is the latest from Chris Peebles. You might say it's his much-anticipated return to form since we kalled him out (or, "kalled him in," if you will) this past May on his white-picket-fence nonsense.  It turns out publicly shaming your peers really can change their hearts and minds. House:

"Shit From An Old Notes App"

The order requires you to make an order
                                      to use your material
     it's an order
sort of a derivative affair
            a derivative

like the sound
                   unimpeachable, unassailable

alienation interactions
                  in built environments

constitutes subject to assumptions predicated

               the iconic crusade
               the cult of science Götterdämmerung
               the psyche is palimpsest
               the cheese stands alone
the creative set excoriates
                                     a container for all experience

so buy it for a song
name your guitar band Pinner Blinn
              or Peterson Dunlap
       pattern your persona after Parson Paterson
                    syntax is straight-ahead rock
                                            as needed, ad nauseam
                                            as needed, ad nauseam
              hew to a yen for a yeoman's service
              find the misery sweet spot
                      or be re-

a banner year for the breezeway
    to trot out the culinary glitter
the muffin medium rare
          my cross to bury
the pool house REM or humble table corn

                    the cabal cajoles
                    this baby kills fascists
                                enrobed, enraptured
                                enrobed, enraptured
                                         the war chest dislodged

Things can be easier now!

                                    but I don't think
          anything's so

You sounded just like me.
I closed my eyes and thought I was in the room.
--Chris Peebles

Monday, August 21, 2017

Korner Wisdom

Buy Pontiacs, they're not making them anymore.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Musik Korner

Aggress and resent, industrial, full-tilt:

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Self-Kare Korner

The ooze is thick and persistent. It spews forth from the malignant maws of fear and hate.
The ooze is deep and confounding. It gathers and forms an opaque build-up, enrobing our faculties sensory and cognitive.
Even the most mindful among us (maljohn) struggle to orient themselves as we writhe strenuously scalp-deep in the viscous disinformation.
The distortion is thick and persistent, deep and confounding--unfathomable fathoms beyond any potentially acceptable level of distortion perpetrated by the internalized biases of the most thoughtful wielders of power.
We desire to shed the burdensome ooze under whose weight we quake, within whose confines we gasp for breath.
Once cleansed, we desire to travel light, to move forward unhindered--our bearing true--with clarity, intentionality, and purpose along the path toward reason, compassion, and justice.
Maybe another "prompt-in-a-post" as we did some months ago will help, a brain-teaser of sorts to stop us in our tracks and help jostle our minds, bodies, and souls from and bolster our immunity against the encumbering, life-force-sapping, disinforming, distorting ooze of fear and hate.
Here we go:

This post is
a prompt
to dislodge you
from your
mental rut

Or better yet,

This post is a guide
on the well-worn neural
channel like a river
or a stream
or a creek you're
on in a boat
or a raft
or a tube with an oar

The water is choppy
with rocks at your feet
with trees at your arms
and face
the intensity, the frequency
the water's high and rising
you see a fall not far ahead
the end is Niagara

This post calls to you
from the bank and throws
a line and yanks
you say thanks as this
post lifts your craft
above its head
to portage your thoughts
to somewhere where
they won't soon be dead
like an infrequetented lake
placid and safe

Will you right the ship of thought?
Or scuttle the ship
and lash together
logs in vain?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Musik Korner

This song came to us last week, on what appeared to be a duvet insert that had been vacuum-compressed and shellacked in horse glue to hold the basic shape, grooves and all, of an outsize phonographic record. Being that our humble HeadKuarters didn't have a player large enough to accommodate it, and knowing that it was sure to contain worthy kreative output, we humble acolytes of Kreation felt it our duty to find a way to extract whatever the grooves may contain. But we never could, so it's good luck that we received a CD in the mail not a day later that stated, "This is what you would've heard if you'd had the technology to listen to that bedding we sent you." Snuggle:

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Poet's Korner

"Questionable Grooming Practices"

Will the groomer ever be groomed?

The groomer ought to be groomed

Groomer will not be groomed

Groomer grooms but will not be groomed

Groomer gets groomed

Groomer becomes the groomed

Who grooms the groomers?

The groom?

--Fig Nugent

Friday, July 28, 2017


Mooch! Mooch! Mooch! The Mooch!!! Moochie McMoochface is in the WHITE HOUSE and he's gonna show those leakers what The Mooch does to leakers, Mooch-style! You're ELIMINATED!! The Mooch is LOYAL AS FUCK!!! Ol' Moochie's cock-blocking the American Catastrophe! He's our Moochie Coochie Man!! Set this commemorative poster as your desktop wallpaper ASAP!!! The MOOCH!!!!!!!!! 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Korner Wisdom

No. 49: Don't get caught flat-footed! See everything coming. Or, just live for now since there is only this present moment.

No. 50: Everyone has an agenda--even YOU, whether you care to admit it or not. Our agenda herein, insofar as we can tell after much honest introspection, is to inform you that everyone has an agenda--even YOU, whether you care to admit it or not.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Musik Korner

Kreation Korner here. Upon our release of a snippet from Living Documents' unfinished album Who Will We Work With When We Wonder Why?, we said of the ill-fated group, and we quote, "anything--even another brief, strenuous Peebles-Wright kollab [sic] in the not-so-distant world of tomorrow--is possible in the Kreative universe." The following audio kollage we bring you today isn't exactly that as it was recorded during the 9W sessions last year. But for all you know it was recorded yesterday, not happened upon accidentally as Gabe Gabriel rifled through a dusty old box of MP3s on Bastille Day. In any case, we think you'll find it a rare treat to hear Chris Peebles and Rasmus Wright experimenting, breaking new Kreative ground, and, most importantly, just having fun in the studio with found sounds, plundered tracks, original loops, and, most importantly, each other, and, most importantly, themselves. Fun is important. Have a ball:

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Kandor Korner

"All the best recorded songs are demos. Demos are the real process, not the artificial product. Demos are honest and demand your attention. Finished tracks lie and lull you into sedation. Demos are ugly and difficult--like reality. Enjoy your tight, polished, professionally-produced, beautiful music commodities, sleepers."
--Rasmus Wright

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Politik Korner

Define yourself and h
Then all the "we must remember"s
become anxious


(*aside*) Our right side is showing.

"What went wrong with the Left"
Is realizing
That dichotomy is a false

-Tum Cruz

Sunday, July 2, 2017

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mr. Gabe E. Gabriel

Kreationist International wall writing, Main Street, Boise, c. winter 1967/68, likely in response to the alleged "Summer of Love."

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Boise is not the world

You've heard us speak passionately over many moons--especially over the past several months--about Boise, Idaho, particularly its Bench neighborhood. While the City of Trees has certainly served as a suitable base of operations for Kreationism for a lot of years and many of us are quite fond of the burg, we'd like to take this time to dispel any perceptions that The Korner subscribes to or endorses the myth of Boise Exceptionalism. This a metanarrative as rampant as it is destructive in Idaho's hauptstadt, which only continues to be fueled by occasional arbitrary business and/or lifestyle rags that sing its praises. The more Boise's civic and commercial leaders exclaim "we're number one," the more they help to breed a culture of superiority that does Boiseans a disservice by cutting them of from rather than connecting them to the vast and varied world out there. This smugness, in our view, leads more to laurels-resting than any earnest effort to identify and strive to rise above any areas in which we are mediocre as a community. At The Korner, we believe that life is a zesty enterprise that can happen in a multitude of places and if you feel the need to pursue the fool's errand of defining your happiness by the highly-relative quality of your community, you better free your mind instead. In an effort to dismantled Boise Exceptionalism, we offer this honest promotional graphic for the city. My it grace paid-content spaces and in-flight publications everywhere. We love Boise. We love it enough to not distort the facts. Only by sound assumptions can we predicate truthful trajectories toward tomorrow. See clearly:

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Benchmarks the spot

It's been over three months since we've heard any news about the impending Boise Bench redevelopment. That's because very little has happened, thanks to bureaucratic inertia. Who knew that oft-bemoaned procedure-obcessed government functionaries would be our saviors, at least for the time being? While Chas Murdoch's gross incompetence in navigating the political terrain of property development hasn't done much to move things along either, it remains a matter of "when" not "if" the ultimate rubber stamp will be depressed. We must continue to transcend our righteous emotional tumult to employ any and all practical strategies and tactics* in our power to work towards justice for The Bench and its inhabitants. In the spirit of this policy, we present to you today a leaked transcription of a recent Bench project team meeting lead by Murdoch Organization underboss Hart Packard. It seems to be some sort of a pep talk Packard delivered at the dreaded company's head office in Three Spankbancorp Plaza to the various family members and un-qualified opportunists who compose Murdoch's inner circle. It's thin on anything resembling action items, but it's essential for us to keep abreast of as much information on the enemy as possible, even if such information's application will not be revealed until a later date. Heads up:

Look at this team Chas couldn't be here he's between the third and forth hole but wanted me to express how proud he is of this team none of that insider knowledge none of that innovation-stifling experience you are all fresh and new with that outside perspective ready to re-invent the wheel ready to disrupt the development game that game has needed disrupting for some time let me tell you and this little team is the team to do it this team can do a lot with a little this team can be the envy of the industry this team is the best team I've ever worked on I really mean that this team this little team will really surprise the other guys the big guys will take notice they'll know us this team can do will do is doing is already doing great things this little team is all ready to do big things because it's nimble it's agile we can out-maneuver the big guys the big guys are aircraft carriers try pulling a u-turn in one of of those babies they're battleships we're point guards all we need is 18 inches of daylight I really think we have a play here really honestly I think we can win this little team our shop can move at the speed of business and the big guys can't I have big ideas for this little team this little team this team is destined for glory I mean it we're just a nine iron shot from victory.

*So far, we've inundated relevent public officials via all known communication channels, and even over-stayed our welcomes at their places of work, to make known the plight of low-to-moderate income Bench dwellers, but feel we are, at best, being paid lip service and at worst, ignored. We welcome suggestions for new approaches. Please slide best practices under the door of the HQ. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Korner Wisdom

No. 46: Any act of Kreation is precious.

No. 47: No act of Kreation is precious.

No. 48: People, generally, don't seem to live in enough fear of electricity these days.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Kreation is

A very heartfelt "hello" to you, beloved Korner reader. Today marks a momentous milestone for The Kreation Korner. The very post you are reading is the 500th we've published since we brought Kreationism into the latest iteration of the digital age nearly 10 years ago. It is a time of celebration and of reflection, an opportunity to check in with ourselves and reaffirm why it is we do what we do. We pledge today to kontinue the Kreative Program, which is, briefly, to find, encourage, facilitate, disseminate, and promote Kreation in all it's forms. Any of you reading this who have been with us for a while must certainly be aware that "Kreation" evades a clear or easy definition. We intend to keep it that way, for even the most esteemed praktitioners of Kreation can't say kategorically what it is. We are komforted daily (and hope you are too!) by this uncertainty in a world where certainty all too often seems to subjugate and harm. The Korner is a space free of the tyranny of answers. To kommemorate this day, we sent Gabe Gabriel to our klimate-kontrolled storage vault at the bottom of an appropriately-depthed 500-foot mine shaft in Atlanta, Idaho to dig up a piece of rare Kreationism history. He found the following photo from 1968, which depicts a graffito in Downtown Boise left by the Kreationist International, one of our predecessor organizations. KI's adept sloganeering remains effective as ever in encapsulating the mysterious, exhilarating, and liberating nature of Kreation. Here's to another 500! Cheers:


Monday, June 5, 2017

Kandor Korner

"It's not that I don't care. I actually care a lot. I care enough to not care about things that aren't worth caring about. How, you might ask, do I distinguish between things to care and not care about? I don't care." 
--Known Universe

Friday, June 2, 2017

Exhortation Korner

We just received the following unsolicited sermon from the Reverend Ambo Dais over the Teletype out of the clear blue. It feels very “now” but also timeless in a way. Words of wisdom, perhaps, or, at the very least, food for thought and conversation. Hark: 

“The Future is Social, The Future is Mobile, The Future is what?”

compassion, dear entities, compassion
honor thy outrage, thy anger, thy fervor
honor, don't dwell in that house forever
sing a new song, sing and breathe
breath is key to working song, compassion
compassion, compassion, compassion
and slow, my entities, much slower
slow down and silence too, ponder in silence
ponder in silence, pondering silence, ponder
really grapple, critically, honestly
in silence from love, good faith, no hate in your heart
patience, entities, consider, consider humble
humble compassion, humble, honest
always the breath, always breathing, telling truth
honor truth, compassion, dear entities
be as drops in an ocean of drops, the ocean of drops, compassion
eschew disingenuous, eschew distortion, compassion
for your selves and others', wise compassion
pursue truth, be open too, consider routes, compassion
any routes to There, eternal There, elusive There, compassion
consider love, ponder grapple, refine always, patient compassion
love, my dearest entities, no hate in sheep’s clothing
the How can be the What
the occupation the industry
don’t be a tool to a tool, a tool to the tool
may they without flaws post the first post for post’s sake
work the work, entities
the work is sacred
the work is holy
in conclusion, compassion
compassion, compassion

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Poet's Korner

Today we bring you the latest from Chris Peebles and, to be frank, he’s testing our capacity for empathy with this one. It all started last summer when our money boat was struck and sold for scrap, forcing The Kreation Korner staff and kontributors to pursue more conventional forms of gainful employment. Since then, Peebles was hired on as a nonperishables buyer for Tsar Mart and became a father. As the following poem suggests, these life-changing events have precipitated a full embrace on his part of the middle-class lifestyle in all its predictable, humdrum glory. While it’s not our place to judge and certainly not our place to police the expression of our kontributors, we feel it’s important to at least point out that Chris’s “domestic trip,” though he has every right to pursue it, can have negative consequences for our movement as it perpetuates the sort of suburban banality an originalist interpretation of the Kreationist Manifesto tells us to fight against. It’s troubling that one of the sturdiest pillars of Kreationism could be so seduced by such un-kreative fantasy, but we do acknowledge that a person can assume multiple personae all at once, sometimes harmonizing, sometimes clashing, in the ever-unfolding ballet of human experience. We're confronted with the reality that there are no easy answers--we’ll give Chris credit for that much at this point. We’re still unpacking this, and it will take time to arrive at a final ruling, if any. If you wish to consider a fully-formed opinion at this time, stay tuned after the poem for a short review by budding kreation kritic Schuyler Graves. Proceed with caution:

“Content of Contentment”

I’ve found stability in my life
The Dove of Balance snatched up my strife
Vanished into the majestic sky
Make sense of life? I no longer try

I’m now at ease with life’s contradictions
I calmly surmount all its frictions
Not anxious nor angry, self-destructive nor mean
I’ve found comfort and joy in consistent routine

--Chris Peebles
Chris Peebles the archetypical family man, pictured September 2016 smoking the traditional tobacco product of new fatherhood and engaging with a popular brand of canned fizzy water. He's probably out there grilling or something.

Review: “Content of Contentment”/Chris Peebles/2017 
To say Chris Peebles new poem for The Kreation Korner is confounding is an understatement among understatements. “Content of Contentment” is a full-on head-scratcher  Though the composition is short and sweet for the snapchat age, its sentimentality and naïveté could fill vast volumes. Is this THE Chris Peebles, The Korner’s franchise player, Boise’s legendary street poet laureate reduced to silly rhymes and embarrassing metaphors (“Dove of Balance” deserves its own level on the cringe scale)? After wincing my way through the two cloying quatrains, I seriously questioned Peebles' credibility. Have we been duped? Has he been just another over-represented over-hyped mediocre white male artist all along? 

That's what I thought at first. 

Then I realized I’d been played like Dig Dug. If we’ve learned to expect anything about Peebles it’s that he’ll invariably subvert our expectations. And subvert he has! But he employs a device far more sophisticated and enduring than the garden-variety irony used to elicit a passing guffaw (although an overtone of that signature self-awareness is of course present). It’s possible that Chris is being completely sincere, and, if so, should we not applaud him for daring to make himself vulnerable in this lingering postmodern nightmare in which the pressures to drape oneself in the veils of cleverness and coolness are so great? Are we the readers, Peebles ultimately asks of us, ready to incorporate sincerity meaningfully into our lives as a healthy counterweight to our cynicism? Congratulations, Chris, on a landmark addition to the Kreative Kanon. I’m not ashamed to admit that at least some small part of me now wishes the Dove of Balance would swoop down and snatch my strife away. 
--Schuyler Graves

Monday, May 22, 2017

Poet's Korner

on my daily stroll I remained
detached but made keen aesthetic
observations of the pulsating
urban ecosystem          then I went
to the country and was
struck suddenly and violently
by a stark epiphany
of spiritual immediacy

--Flâneur O'Connor

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Konsolation Korner

Hiya, Kornheads. Your faithful Kreation Korner staff returned this morning from a much-needed retreat in South Beach to unplug and recharge. That may be a paradox but it worked--one of those mysteries of life we guess. Anyways, only moments after we'd shuffled our mentally, emotionally, and physically refreshed selves into the HQ and reconnected to the interworld, we were shocked (on the inside, but remained serene on the outside) that Gabe Gabriel II, whom we'd left behind to helm the Korner in our stead, had deleted precious kontent which had been posted by Hadley Daughterson just before we exited our offices en masse to board a chartered omnibus for SoBea. The younger Gabe's reasoning behind this kardinal infraction was that the post purported to be satire, which as he dubiously indicates is impossible in a "post-satire age." Many of us saw the kontent in kwestion before our departure and can assure you that it was very satirical indeed. It was a piece of graphic art konsisting of three panels, each a mock periodical-style advertisement for a politician, the konceit being that, in late kapitalism, democracy is a farce and the elected official is just another silly product for us to konsume. We felt this kontent was sufficiently satirical and we will not subscribe to Gabriel II's rather bleak and defeatist worldview that satire is dead. We must kontinue to act as a check on would-be tyrants. If we were to simply give up, we would be komplicit in the normalization of their chikanery. To hop down from the soapbox for a moment, let us not forget who was really hurt in all this--Hadley Daughterson, who was so incensed by this unfortunate affair that she, in protest, released a potent hacking tool created by our own government into the kloud, expunging any and all rekoverable ghosts of the removed work. Sadly, her inspired (and inspiring) triptych will never again be beheld by human eyes, or those of any species. Although rekompense in this matter is impossible as all acts of kreation are irreplaceable, we have authorized Hadley to jump to the front of the production queue and publish two (instead of the usual allotment of one) new komiks. We know it's only modest succor but hope it will serve as a salve for everyone affected during this hopefully short-lived dark chapter for Kreationism. In the meantime, we've sent young Gabe to South Beach for an intensive three-day refresher kourse on our standards and practices. Take and eat:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Satire Korner

"What's Your Brand?"

--Hadley Daughterson

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kandor Korner

"I often tell myself, 'listen more, talk less.' Other times I'm like, 'fuck listening!'" --P. Michael Watson

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Poethead's Korner

Apropos of nothing, we bring you today a work from our newest kontributor -- the self-proclaimed heavy-handed stoner poet Known Universe. Expand your konsciousness:

I think I get power -- why

would you give
up power
when you think you
feel you
that power
to survive?

could you be made
to see to spread
your power
would in fact
your survival?

Could you?
Would I?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Poet's Korner

In the following piece, though purportedly an exercise in poetics, Korner kontributor Fig Nugent deals in the hermeneutic qualities of language in a starkly direct way. We're unclear if his source of dismay is the American experiment, The Kreation Korner itself, some other apparatus, or all of the above. In any case, although we aspire to be a purely egalitarian and communal enterprise, we acknowledge that we currently operate as a limited hierarchy out of necessity in our reality. In light of that, we welcome opportunities to check in with ourselves and make sure we're not straying too far off the path of righteousness. We strongly encourage all those in positions of power the world over to solicit and take to heart input from your thoughtful, knowledgable, creative subordinates, especially when making decisions that affect their livelihoods and happiness. Take seriously:

"Sadly, The Only Outlets I See Are For Electrical Power And Discount Dungarees"
By Fig Nugent

I need an outlet
I have given a great deal
to this organization, this
agency, this institution
I have compromised much
and retained few, mostly
superficial, remnants of
my individuality and convictions

I have done this willingly
I have chosen to not cling
unwaveringly to doctrine
for practical purposes, for
comfort and stability, for
psychological and emotional ease
I have accepted such concessions
as necessary to survive, as
compulsory in my circumstances

But I have moments of exhaustion
in the ceaseless morass
of ethical gray areas
I'm often disillusioned by decisions
made to serve the politics of
the moment rather than reasoned
long-term core values and vision

I tell myself this is just what life
is and employ petty, ephemeral
acts of rebellion only I really notice
to restore order for my
psyche in the meantime
I commiserate with likeminded
peers but those in power
seem ignorant and indifferent

I'm told implicitly and sometimes
explicitly to be happy, to be
grateful, that this is just
a job, to get along but
I can't shake the feeling
that's just some insidious means
to silence dissent, to compromise
what remaining shreds of
ideals I have

I can "toe the line" most days,
shake off of the sneaking
feelings of anxiety and guilt
But lately the weight is persistent
I can't laugh it off or shrug or move
on but there's no chance for catharsis,
no suggestion box, no arena for debate,
no outlet to be heard out, no quarter
for whistleblowers who demand one

The atmosphere is one of imposed
consensus, of forced harmony, of
"business as usual"
And so I trudge on with a heavy
burden on my conscience in this
organization, this agency, this
institution, hoping, probably
in vain, for one measly, hell,
even a token outlet

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rules Of Distraction

It's no surprise that we're hearing of more Chas Murdoch antics. What is surprising is how long we went without any. Late yesterday, an anonymous source close to Murdoch leaked the following two images--the first, what appears to be a logotype for the newly-formed Murdoch Organization real estate development corporation and the second, an apparent mock-up advertisement for the potentially reactivated Boise Bench neighborhood redevelopment:

Though no additional information was provided, the implications of these JPEGs are alarming. Regarding the first, what is meant by the slogan "Just Business"? For us, it evokes the worst sort of cut-throat commercial practices and the inevitable injury they inflict upon people and community. Or is "just" of or relating to justice, a concept contradicted when juxtaposed with business, a system perpetuated by inequality and exploitation--unless the use of "business" refers herein merely to unspecified matters with which an entity is principally concerned? The ambiguity here, given Murdoch's history, is unsettling to say the least. And what of the "New Boise Bench" marketing layout complete with eye-roll-inducing tagline? Is this Murdoch's vision for The Bench? A sterile, predictable, tedious urban paradise that will likely exclude (financially AND culturally) current Bench-dwellers for his personal gain? Is this his idea of "giving Boise back to the people"? Or is it "Just Business"? These are the types of questions we wish the media were asking. Unfortunately, virtually all of their reporting and analysis seems to be devoted to decoding the following tweet Murdoch just happened to fire off within hours of the leak:     

We find all of this nonsense very exhausting. But perhaps a ray of hope is that many obstacles--political, financial, administrative, and otherwise--lie in his path and Murdoch may be unable to deliver on his promises. We're not holding our breath though. We'll keep you posted.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Faux Populism Korner

It's a demoralizing and disheartening day here at The Kreation Korner. We learned the verifiable fact from a credible, honest source that our former "benefactor" Chas Murdoch is no longer a guest of the state. Upon his early release from Embezzley Suites private prison in South Beach, he delivered an address (transcribed below) to his followers and we felt it necessary to push it out across our network to let reasonable, compassionate people everywhere know what they're up against. In his harangue, Murdoch unleashes a hateful litany of misrepresentations, extremely unvetted claims, and straight-up bald-faced lies directed at The Kreation Korner, the press, and the City of Boise. In sharing his demagoguery, we in no way intend to give Murdoch an elevated platform. Rather, we seek to reveal him as the callous, reckless, power-hungry rabble-rouser he is and let the denunciations and refutations drown him out. For while we can't deny he has the right to free speech, he has no right to be exempted from facing the consequences of that speech. Not by a damn sight. Let us strive to deny Chas Murdoch the legitimacy that would allow him to once again run roughshod over our organization and community. Get motivated:

The following was delivered by Chas Murdoch to a crowd of several hundred at a private aviation terminal at Boise Family Airport, March 3, 2017:

Hello Boise! Let me tell you, it great to be back in the City of Trees. For five years, it was five years I spent in the joint. Really it wasn't that bad, really. I was the top dog there. Even the guards, yeah. They loved me. But it's great to be back. You ever stare out a cell window at the ocean for five years? It's boring. Same waves crashing in and out all day. Terrible. Look out the hanger over there. Here in Boise WE HAVE DESERT, okay? Love the desert. Tremendous. [crowd applauds]
We have to take this city back. I've been gone only five years and things have gotten terrible here. What the hell is going on in Boise? And you know they don't want me here. You know who THEY are. [crowd boos] That's why they ran me out of town to begin with, with their lies. Like the failing Bench Triweekly Dispatch Intelligencer. They're fake news, they're dishonest people. And they were jealous of me, okay? That's why the told those disgraceful lies. Because, really, they're jealous, you know? They can't bear that the people they hate love me so much. You know they hate you. [crowd boos] They're the enemy of the people. But now I'm back. [crowd cheers] I'm back and we're going to take back Boise and give it to you, THE PEOPLE. [crowd cheers]
And what happened to The Kreation Korner? [crowd boos] Does anyone even read it anymore? They didn't know what to do without me. Since I've been away they haven't written ONE SINGLE POST! Not a single post. I say that and people tell me, "Chas, no Chas, they have written. The Kreation Korner has written a post," but they're wrong, you know? I'm right on this. Ask anybody. Lots of people. Lots of people, experts, have come out and said I'm right on this, okay? I know the blog the business, okay? Nobody knows it better than me. You heard it from me. The Kreation Korner is failing, it's boring, and nobody cares about it. [crowd applauds]
And what what about the Bench redevelopment project? Great project. New homes and jobs for hardworking Boiseans but the elites didn't want that either. Disgraceful. They want you to be poor, they want to take all the wealth for themselves. [crowd boos] It's true, it's true. They want to get rich off your hard work and leave you with nothing, but not anymore! [crowd cheers] We're going to take back our city! We're going to move forward with the bench redevelopment and it's going to be very special. It'll create a lot of jobs, A LOT of jobs. Construction jobs, good jobs. 20,000 permanent construction jobs. [crowd cheers] 
We're going to start a new company. It's called the Murdoch Organization and it's going to be very special. We're going to rebuild this city FOR THE PEOPLE. No more will you have to live in fear! [crowd cheers] We're bringing back my friend Hart Packard to manage operations. He's a great, great man. Tremendous. He got straight A's at Arizona State, smart man and very capable. He has my complete confidence. And together we're going to build a new city that the people can finally be proud of. We will start WINNING AGAIN! And the elites, those greedy career politicians in City Hall, they're not going to be able to stop us. If they stand in our way, we'll destroy their careers. Thank you! And thank ME!!! [crowd erupts into an unhinged orgy of applause and cheers]   

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Here is some lighter fare, a brief respite from the constant, wearying onslaught of shameful shit:

Friday, January 20, 2017

Dark Korner

"Lights out"
Musical statement on a new day a day a day this new day many who call it the new day call it in fear and yes I do too and yet this is not a negative or hopeless sentiment. Lights out for the fear lights out for the hate lights out for the blind lights out for the ignorance.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Konfirmation Korner

"The Miseducation of Capitol Hill"

--Hadley Daughterson

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We've wander'd mony a weary fit

Good evening. It's a new year and here in the so-called United States of America many are wishing the march of time would just grind to a halt, in dread of the imminent coronation of the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen this month. There's a lot to be distressed, dismayed, and disturbed by--we'll focus on one thing herein. Certainly krony kapitalism, klass warfare, and oligarchy are nothing new. But after last November's election, the utter lack of political decorum, manners, decency, or any pretense of respect for or humility toward the august ideal of democratic governance has many rattled to their core. So where do we go from here in this unprecedentedly cynical world? Here at the HQ, a majority of us ("what a concept," they said snarkily) are ready to act, to do what's in our power to shine the Light of Kreation in the coming age of orange-tinted darkness. This is a motivational post to get us energized and ready to work.

This post is
a prompt
to shake things

Or better yet,

This post is
a prompt
to act
as a hand or
a line down
a hole that
you're in to
help your ass
up and backfill
the hole
with concrete
or gravel
or sand
or at least
place safety
cones around
the mouth of
the hole

if you want
a diversion
a hobby
or task
a safe distance
a way
away from the hole
don't overestimate
the utility of
this post-as-a-prompt
you'll need another