Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kids' Korner

For all those who may not know, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Peebles are expecting their first child this month. In the midst of excitement over bringing new life into the world and the prospect of helping to raise a slightly better human than he, Chris has begun to explore ways to adapt his Kreative tendencies for a younger audience--specifically in the medium of children's songs. "Although my body of work as it stands is technically appropriate for all ages," Peebles told The Korner in an exclusive Skype interview, "I feel there's plenty of room to evolve my output on the infantile tip." Chris then went on a bit of rant about the mediocrity of the children's music scene and assured us that his kontributions will be not only amusing and educational for the youngest among us but funky fresh to boot. We just happen to have a prototype kut, and we think you'll agree it's got serious klout to it:

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kontent Korner

The Top 3 Meals of the Day
How to stay well-fed in your busy life

Tum Cruz
KreationKorner Staff

These days, there are sooo many meal options -- like, hundreds. Literally. And if you're like me, the opportunities we get to enjoy a tasty, nutritious food-consumption session are few and far between. Pretty overwhelming, huh? Well, fret thee not! I sat down with a couple of my fellow KreationKorner staffers and sorted through all the noise to render a list of three essential meals that can fit into even the busiest of schedules. Bon appétit!

1. Breakfast
This classic meal is best enjoyed to kick-start the day soon after you wake up. Be sure to include plenty of healthy fats and protein-rich grub to get those synapses firing right! Wash it down with some fruit juice for some extra vitaminy goodness.

 2. Lunch
Unless you're some kind of badass genetically-engineered super soldier, you can probably only go four hours tops before you need a pick-me-up in the sustenance department. Lunch is just that! Bonus points for portability if you go for a sandwich or burrito.

3. Śkryml-m'Dâhn 
Also known as the Feast of 1,000 Blood Mollusks, Śkryml-m'Dâhn is a great way to replenish your stores of red bile and fortify that frail husk of crude flesh you call a body for the nightly ordeal of Dream Combat. Word to the wise: make sure the spleen of jackal is completely engulfed in the purifying flame before you partake--as the wizard Hemoglobus warns,
only he who sups on vittles bright
shall live to see the morning light

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Musik Korner

Good Saturday to all! If you're currently out seeking that special someone, if love has looked unkindly on your lot, if romance remains the rabbit that pillages your well-tended garden, have no fear. Comfort is here. Comfort, in the form of a second track unearthed from the never-released OST to the never-released Percy Stankowski full-length film, Romance Is Difficult and Sometimes Leads to Complications. This track, titled "Smells Like Retail," would have played over the ending credits, so if you can close your eyes while listening and just imagine a long set of text denoting production roles, cast, locations, and music credits scrolling from top to bottom of screen, then you'll more or less have the right idea: Dig: