Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Peebles Proclaims!

Today, we bring you another momentous entry from one of our most faithful kontributors, Chris Peebles. About a week ago, one of our field reporters, Gabe Gabriel, happened upon an irate and frustrated Peebles in the middle of what appeared to be a schoolyard. Upon further inspection and after questioning the crowd that had gathered to behold Chris' science, Gabe discovered that Peebles had been performing poetry, interpretive dance, and various gymnastic maneuvers for the better part of two days. Said one transfixed observer, "For him, it's not about us. It's about Chris trying to be Chris in this wiggly world." Luckily for you and I, Gabe had a videocamera ready and "about enough sense to press 'record.'" Godspeed, Chris Peebles. Godspeed.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poet's Korner

Today we introduce to our ranks a learned woman whose nom de plume reads simply "GRECH", a reference to the artist's first name. While GRECH's poetry echoes the sentiments of such Transcendental greats as Thoreau and Emerson, both her pseudonym and chosen medium draw inspiration instead from the streetwise art movement known as graffiti, or "tagging." Her works can be found adorning the various highways of America, applied directly to the roads. The striking contrast between GRECH's words and their manmade and impermanent context really does make one think. This latest piece was discovered on I-76 just outside Akron, OH, and is one of her strongest so far.

Sitting upon the grass
I feel not the least bit crass,
For I am within the eyes
Of the greater ruler of the wise.
When I am basking in the glory
Of such perfect territory
I feel as if I can meld
With the world which he held.
Sitting upon the ground
I feel so part of the mound,
My livelihood is complete
And nothing I cannot defeat.

*Professional artist's rendition