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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Musik Korner

"It's not an EP! It's an album--the ideal-length album if you ask me. Each track on the album is the leg of a stool, meaning it's a three-legged stool which is the most stable, the most elegant, in short, the quintessential stool, the best stool. You listen to Physical Graffiti lately? That fucker has like 15 legs. No kind of stool I want to sit on. Is that a funfetti cake in the shape of a pith helmet? How very special indeed. You are a beautiful soul, Gabe Gabriel." 
--Rasmus Wright, overheard at Last Call At The Colonial album release party, The Kreation Korner HQ "atrium", 29 Sept 2017

best enjoyed with earbuds or in-ear headphones