Saturday, February 23, 2013

Video Korner

(Introduction not necessary)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Fiktion Korner

Part I. of III. He enters the bus through its front door. Looking around at the passengers, he sees nothing out of the ordinary, yet is simultaneously aware of feelings of foreboding. To say there is a greenish light would be to misapprehend the situation. The air itself appears green, as if clouded by a sickly, verdant pollen. He orients his mass to walk to the back of the bus, while it pushes off from its stop. A series of minute calculations, the end result being an awkward but effective lurch toward his ultimate goal, feet leading perspicaciously while the fragile brain bucket follows behind.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Salutations, wandering web wayfarer. Huey Dood here. I decided to take a break from my busy life the other day. I sat back in my Eames chair and kicked up my feet on the Noguchi table for some much deserved laptop time. I transmitted a radar wave into the rarified wild blue yonder of the blogosphere and shortly thereafter happened upon a kurious little site. It appeared to be devoted solely to the depiction and discussion of loading docks--a compelling concept to be sure! I was further intrigued, but admittedly a bit perturbed, when I discovered the blogger responsible was none other than our own Chris Peebles. While we here at the Korner have no kwalms about our kontrubibutors engaging in side projects, the exclusivity kontracts they have all signed say we're entitled to a percentage of any spin-off earnings--financial or otherwise. In spite of the mostly unambiguous conditions Peebles agreed to, it would seem that he forwent the appropriate channels for this extracurricular escapade. Now, we want to give Chris the benefit of the doubt. We've always known him to conduct himself as a konsummate professional. All we ask for is an explanation of why he went behind our backs. Please Chris, tell us something good--and give us our kut.