Saturday, August 26, 2017

Poet's Korner

The following is the latest from Chris Peebles. You might say it's his much-anticipated return to form since we kalled him out (or, "kalled him in," if you will) this past May on his white-picket-fence nonsense.  It turns out publicly shaming your peers really can change their hearts and minds. House:

"Shit From An Old Notes App"

The order requires you to make an order
                                      to use your material
     it's an order
sort of a derivative affair
            a derivative

like the sound
                   unimpeachable, unassailable

alienation interactions
                  in built environments

constitutes subject to assumptions predicated

               the iconic crusade
               the cult of science Götterdämmerung
               the psyche is palimpsest
               the cheese stands alone
the creative set excoriates
                                     a container for all experience

so buy it for a song
name your guitar band Pinner Blinn
              or Peterson Dunlap
       pattern your persona after Parson Paterson
                    syntax is straight-ahead rock
                                            as needed, ad nauseam
                                            as needed, ad nauseam
              hew to a yen for a yeoman's service
              find the misery sweet spot
                      or be re-

a banner year for the breezeway
    to trot out the culinary glitter
the muffin medium rare
          my cross to bury
the pool house REM or humble table corn

                    the cabal cajoles
                    this baby kills fascists
                                enrobed, enraptured
                                enrobed, enraptured
                                         the war chest dislodged

Things can be easier now!

                                    but I don't think
          anything's so

You sounded just like me.
I closed my eyes and thought I was in the room.
--Chris Peebles

Monday, August 21, 2017

Korner Wisdom

Buy Pontiacs, they're not making them anymore.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Musik Korner

Aggress and resent, industrial, full-tilt:

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Self-Kare Korner

The ooze is thick and persistent. It spews forth from the malignant maws of fear and hate.
The ooze is deep and confounding. It gathers and forms an opaque build-up, enrobing our faculties sensory and cognitive.
Even the most mindful among us (maljohn) struggle to orient themselves as we writhe strenuously scalp-deep in the viscous disinformation.
The distortion is thick and persistent, deep and confounding--unfathomable fathoms beyond any potentially acceptable level of distortion perpetrated by the internalized biases of the most thoughtful wielders of power.
We desire to shed the burdensome ooze under whose weight we quake, within whose confines we gasp for breath.
Once cleansed, we desire to travel light, to move forward unhindered--our bearing true--with clarity, intentionality, and purpose along the path toward reason, compassion, and justice.
Maybe another "prompt-in-a-post" as we did some months ago will help, a brain-teaser of sorts to stop us in our tracks and help jostle our minds, bodies, and souls from and bolster our immunity against the encumbering, life-force-sapping, disinforming, distorting ooze of fear and hate.
Here we go:

This post is
a prompt
to dislodge you
from your
mental rut

Or better yet,

This post is a guide
on the well-worn neural
channel like a river
or a stream
or a creek you're
on in a boat
or a raft
or a tube with an oar

The water is choppy
with rocks at your feet
with trees at your arms
and face
the intensity, the frequency
the water's high and rising
you see a fall not far ahead
the end is Niagara

This post calls to you
from the bank and throws
a line and yanks
you say thanks as this
post lifts your craft
above its head
to portage your thoughts
to somewhere where
they won't soon be dead
like an infrequetented lake
placid and safe

Will you right the ship of thought?
Or scuttle the ship
and lash together
logs in vain?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Musik Korner

This song came to us last week, on what appeared to be a duvet insert that had been vacuum-compressed and shellacked in horse glue to hold the basic shape, grooves and all, of an outsize phonographic record. Being that our humble HeadKuarters didn't have a player large enough to accommodate it, and knowing that it was sure to contain worthy kreative output, we humble acolytes of Kreation felt it our duty to find a way to extract whatever the grooves may contain. But we never could, so it's good luck that we received a CD in the mail not a day later that stated, "This is what you would've heard if you'd had the technology to listen to that bedding we sent you." Snuggle:

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Poet's Korner

"Questionable Grooming Practices"

Will the groomer ever be groomed?

The groomer ought to be groomed

Groomer will not be groomed

Groomer grooms but will not be groomed

Groomer gets groomed

Groomer becomes the groomed

Who grooms the groomers?

The groom?

--Fig Nugent