Friday, January 20, 2017

Dark Korner

"Lights out"
Musical statement on a new day a day a day this new day many who call it the new day call it in fear and yes I do too and yet this is not a negative or hopeless sentiment. Lights out for the fear lights out for the hate lights out for the blind lights out for the ignorance.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Konfirmation Korner

"The Miseducation of Capitol Hill"

--Hadley Daughterson

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We've wander'd mony a weary fit

Good evening. It's a new year and here in the so-called United States of America many are wishing the march of time would just grind to a halt, in dread of the imminent coronation of the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen this month. There's a lot to be distressed, dismayed, and disturbed by--we'll focus on one thing herein. Certainly krony kapitalism, klass warfare, and oligarchy are nothing new. But after last November's election, the utter lack of political decorum, manners, decency, or any pretense of respect for or humility toward the august ideal of democratic governance has many rattled to their core. So where do we go from here in this unprecedentedly cynical world? Here at the HQ, a majority of us ("what a concept," they said snarkily) are ready to act, to do what's in our power to shine the Light of Kreation in the coming age of orange-tinted darkness. This is a motivational post to get us energized and ready to work.

This post is
a prompt
to shake things

Or better yet,

This post is
a prompt
to act
as a hand or
a line down
a hole that
you're in to
help your ass
up and backfill
the hole
with concrete
or gravel
or sand
or at least
place safety
cones around
the mouth of
the hole

if you want
a diversion
a hobby
or task
a safe distance
a way
away from the hole
don't overestimate
the utility of
this post-as-a-prompt
you'll need another