Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kloud Debacle Update #3

Dear Kreation Korner Adherents,

I recently returned from a brief stay in the City Formerly Known as Yerba Buena. My mission was to spend some much needed face time with BLENKO, check in with Hattie Weyland and konduct an informal audition for aspiring Kreationist/juggler Kay Ingleside. In the midst of mixing this business and pleasure, BLENKO and I happened upon what can only be described as the answer to the questions that have racked the Korner these past few months. I speak of the dreaded Kloud. We've all been wondering, "what is the kloud? What baleful designs does it have in store for us??" or something to that effect. Turns out, as B and I observed, the Kloud is in fact a finite, tangible inflatable tunnel located on a one-block stretch of Howard Street in SoMa. All this time we thought the Kloud was an ever-present, post-physical malevolent entity, but in reality, as depicted below, it's little more than a bouncy castle that can easily succumb to the Safety Pin of Kreation. Not to debunk what some at the Korner have bunked, but, if you ask me, this whole Kloud threat has been vastly overstated. I hope we can put all this unease behind us and get back to enthusiastically karrying out our kreative mandate.

Chris Peebles

"The Kloud," Howard Street, San Francisco, CA. It can't stay inflated forever!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Poet's Korner

"Stave On, Stave Off"

Demand the myth
the legend
the rain sparkling zest
from the outer flesh
peel away
full on melons
be free 

masonry imbedded
uniforms segment
scraps not scapes
gratuitous leavings
to ease the lens

bulbs gag potential
variations below
nested margins
jaunt to new outlets
strive to a wake

--Chris Peebles

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fiction Korner

He wore the better part of velour and poured me a tall glass of hummus. Runny, transparent hummus composed of hydrogen and oxygen save for some tiny impurities. No filter accomplishes its final cause one hundred percent. The soft man trumpeted, “Where is the dog my aunt threw? Threw down the stairs in a cruel manner—an incident which encouraged me to disown her as aunt. I did not do this. I believe all people deserve to be treated with compassion. They deserve redemption. Plus she is family. Blood is thicker than a dog with a broken neck on the landing.”
--Jawn Steighmeaus