Sunday, May 27, 2018

Video Korner

Today we bring you something a little out of the ordinary, which is an ordinary thing for us to do. So then how do we be out-of-the-ordinary if such an action is ordinary? We may opt to dispense with the ordinary/out-of-the ordinary dichotomy all together, which should be no problem since dispensing with artificial partitions in the universal set is business as usual for us, in other words, ordinary. Glad that's settled! Anyways, we're excited to present to you a triumviri of videos co-created by Korner ko-founder Patrick M. Watson and Megan Williams, his travel companion on the perilous-yet-exilharating journey of life and legal spouse. While not our typical kommissioned fare, we feel these videographic modules are more-or-less aesthetically aligned with The Korner and paddle more or less the same direction as we do on the wandering Kanoe of Kreation. As we're certain you'll perceive, these vids stand on their own and are not some sykophantik ploy to kurry favor with a founder. Look and listen:

Swedish Sedan Soldiers / 2014 / 1min 6sec

Domestic Triggers / 2014 / 5min 20sec

W.B. Yeats - The Second Coming - Read by Loretta Jean Mahoney / 2017 / 1min 32sec

Friday, May 25, 2018

Poet's Korner

"The Elusive Beneficence Of The Quantum Riddle"

If there's one thing I've learned
about living in America
it's all PR you have to
take your life into your hands
just to get basic necessities
is a lie
Star Trek: The Next Generation
is a good show

--Buck Ducey

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Komik Korner

Three komiks about The Goonies by Hadley Daughterson


Saturday, May 19, 2018

Accompanied Spoken Word Korner

Most of our kontributors are many things to many people. Chris Peebles is one thing to everyone. Earlier this week, Chris brought his singular kreative package to the former river bed known as Garden City, Idaho--specifically to open mic night at Ream & Steam juice bar and adaptogen latte speakeasy in the old Saab repair shop between the feral artists colony and luxury shipping container pocket neighborhood in the city's burgeoning tasting room district. Even over the clatter of commercial-scale masticating juicers and the patter of nourishing concoction-sipping patrons, what we hear here is a konfident kreationist performing at the zenith of his kraft. Order up:

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Video Korner

Glad tidings to thee on this blustery second day of May! Today's post is a special one indeed. We are ebullient to present to you the wunderkindish sonic and visual kreations of young Bob Peebles masterfully cut into the exciting medium of video by Bob's old man Chris. Even at just shy of two years of age, Bob appears to us a worthy addition to the proud and ancient tradition of Peeblesian excellence in Kreation. May this be the first of myriad parent/child Peebles kollabs. Harvest the crust from your eyes and the wax from thine ears: