Sunday, August 12, 2018

Call It What You Want Korner

There is no maker, really. The myth is that there is one. Titles of both the instance and the means by which the instance is created merely tether and bind. "Kreation" -- the closest one could care to approach describing the ineffable. One can only document through imperfect means the nonproduction, as the sound waves are not really there anymore. This recording does not represent, and is not represented by, members in the Western tradition of a "band." It is its own life. There may be more to come, and if there is not, deconstruct the very notion of "more" and "less" and make the refuse a refuge. Therefore:

Musik Korner

REVIEW: "Two For The Road" - Steed & The Stetstones
By Stib Tidmarsh, special to The Kreation Korner

I first had occasion to encounter Steed Stetson at the Cavern Tavern in Nampa, October 2015. He was not on the roster of the poets reading that night under the dimly-lit stalactites. Nobody even knew he was there, so far as I could tell. He simply moseyed up to the mic after the scheduled program concluded and recited some free verse with the stony countenance one would expect from the Intermountain West's most elusive cowboy poet. It seemed that just as soon as he had said his piece he vanished from our midst, as if he had drifted off in the changing winds. A profound silence like an alkaline flat at dawn fell upon the room for what felt like minutes before the din of garrulous poetry enthusiasts and clanking domestic beer bottles began to once again pervade the subterranean chamber. In all my dumbfoundedness at breathing the same stale air of the legend himself, I was unable to remember any of the specific words Mr. Stetson uttered. But his tones, his rhythm, his percussive elements have lingered with me ever since. Steed's work is music, pure and simple. Imagine my excitement, then, nearly three years later when I learned he had recorded some actual music. I suppose it was the natural progression that his chansons would someday be put on wax with the accompaniment of instruments. Like his poetry, the couplet of songs he has created with production by Chris Peebles are as bewildering as they are captivating and evade easy classification. I can see the critics pigeonholing Steed & The Stetstones' musical exploits as nothing more than your garden-variety anti-ballads of the Cowfusion microgenre within Psychoamerica. While I am loathe to shoehorn peerless, multi-faceted talents into narrow categories, I suppose, if pressed, I would say Steed's first foray into recorded music is more emblematic of the nascent Saddlecore movement, a yoctogenre of Tumblewave -- itself a picogenre under the Cowfusion umbrella. In a mere two tracks, the Stetstones have served us a dense portion of tuneful tiramisu that will take years to fully consume and digest layer by layer. Perhaps we will never know the genre. 6.5/10

Friday, August 3, 2018

Wisdom Korner

There's no such thing as "martinizing."

Sunday, July 15, 2018

At The Mall

"At The Mall"
A mini-essay by Rasmus Wright

I can say without shame or irony that The Mall is a comforting place for me. It connects me to my origins as a middle-class, suburban American and provides innumerable sensory stimuli that excite, surprise, and fascinate. Problematization of my complicity in the horrors of global capitalism aside, I cannot deny that on a deep-seated emotional level The Mall is a safe place for me. As an adult, my experience there has been one of ease, tinged with a sweet nostalgia as I reflect upon the ever-constant Mall as a source of continuity in the unremitting, uncertain churning of time. That was my experience...until Wednesday, July 11, 2018 around noon. I went to The Mall to return some suit pants at one of the anchor department stores. While there, I took advantage of the opportunity to take a lap around the promenades to exhale mightily the accumulated tensions of the week and return to my hum-drum life refreshed. What I stepped into was not the familiar warm place insulated from the world outside but rather a cold place, fully permeated by the callousness, cynicism, and indifference I was hoping to escape for a brief time. Store after store, kiosk after kiosk, I was struck by a profound sense of emptiness, dread, and mounting anxiety, not the pleasant bemusement to which I was accustomed. Had The Mall changed? Had I? Likely, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Regardless, I'm not ready to love again and won't be for some time. But, in the meantime, where will I go?

A collage of images encountered and captured by RW at Boise Towne Square mall on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 around noon. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Poet's Korner

Found poetry, 7/9/18, tavern readerboard, W. Main St., Boise, ID:

          SAN          ISH

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Poet's Korner

“Extracts from Google search 'l.3222' executed by Bob Peebles, 27 May 2018”
By Chris Peebles

HPCS Code for Mens
shoes hightop depth
HPCS Code L32
Orthopedic footwear
hightop depth
inlay each

3-2 2-2
L Handles, Industrial L
Handles SPEP
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professionals shop our product
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The French treatise
on founded
flight, flying
of a dove
floor, flour
meal, powder
L3-22 flourish

Annual Statement Navigation
Board of Trade 1908
Notice of Judgment
Food and Drugs
Drugs, See Ferro
China bitters
See bitters

Fish canned L3-2
L3-2 dried haddock

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Kandor Korner

"Adventure" is an important and appealing concept but a woefully overused word. That goes double for "curate." It'll be a real blow if the merchants of tedium commodify my beloved "paraprosdokian."
 --P. Michael Watson