Thursday, November 9, 2017

Memoir Korner

Whenever I hear clankin' glass, I'm transported back to my childhood. See, we lived across from Bills Glass. Everyday after schoolin', Old Bill would furnish me a penny for every glass vessel I'd fetch 'im.
"Hand me that pickle jar," he'd say.
"Hand me that mayonnaise jar."
"Hand me that wine bottle."
"Hand me that beer bottle," he'd say.
"Hand me that egg jar."
"Hand me that ballerina figurine."
Everyday I'd honor each of Bill's glass requests, except for that last one. I'd cradle that off-blue tiny dancer in my paw, collect my Buffalo nickel, and get along home.
--Steed Stetson

Monday, November 6, 2017

Musik Korner

Another from the emerging groundswell of previously-forgotten recordings under the Kreative Destruction Records label, this track was discovered on a cassette lodged in the deck of a car that one of our members (naming no names, Tummy boy) entered with the main intent of harvesting the honey that accrued from the bees' nest located therein. And oh, how sweet this bit o' honey is.* Get it stuck in your teeth:

*Incidentally, be on the lookout for a FowdCrund page in the next few days, with proceeds going to nonspecific but very real injuries often incurred in our members' heroic efforts to properly archive priceless gems of kreation.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Friday, October 6, 2017

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Musik Korner

"It's not an EP! It's an album--the ideal-length album if you ask me. Each track on the album is the leg of a stool, meaning it's a three-legged stool which is the most stable, the most elegant, in short, the quintessential stool, the best stool. You listen to Physical Graffiti lately? That fucker has like 15 legs. No kind of stool I want to sit on. Is that a funfetti cake in the shape of a pith helmet? How very special indeed. You are a beautiful soul, Gabe Gabriel." 
--Rasmus Wright, overheard at Last Call At The Colonial album release party, The Kreation Korner HQ "atrium", 29 Sept 2017

best enjoyed with earbuds or in-ear headphones

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Kongratulations Just Keep Rolling In Korner

Dear TKK Staff,

As an avid and longtime follower of your work, I would just like to say "bravo" on 10 years of Kreationism online. The Kreation Korner, apart from being immensely entertaining, is immensely important. Specifically, the staggering variety of the posts you produce, both in terms of medium and content, serves as an antidote to the hostile divisiveness threatening to collapse our society. One day you publish an avant-garde audio track, then a poemovie the next day, then a pithy nugget of Korner Wisdom the next. Your multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary approach, I think, reflects the complexity of the world and encourages a humble, reflective, practical way of being and acting in our communities--not dissimilar to a good liberal arts education, which I am a staunch advocate of. I am gravely concerned by the continuing and growing ascendancy of single-track ideologies--whether they be God, Money, or Science--and the fear, hatred, and fanaticism they breed. Thank you, Kreation Korner, for encouraging the sort of rumination and discourse needed to underpin beneficial courses of action rather than appealing to my baser tendencies through conventional morality and evangelism.


Mark Schickthiser, PhD
Visting Lecturer of American Studies
Caldwell College