Sunday, January 2, 2022


Thus concludes our untitled 202-day, 10-hour, 34-min conceptual blog post, composed of zero content whatsoever. This apparent dearth of more than six months was anything but empty, however. As we informed the legions of Korner devotees who wrote in fearing the worst, we were simply trying to challenge conventional notions of what a blog is and provide a quiet, contemplative space for readers to notice that which is typically drowned out by the din of this obstreperous age. It has been alleged that our conspicuous lack of new Kontent has stemmed from a profound sense of dysphoria felt by the staff in the face of the confounding, distressing epoch in which we find ourselves. Others have suggested that the world in which Kreation can thrive no longer exists and that our recent lack of posting is the result of our exhausted capitulation to this stark realization. These "theories" couldn't be further from the truth. We assure you, it's just some good, old-fashioned avant-garde blogging! We conclude today with a message of hope for the new year from our spiritual adviser Rev. Ambo Dais:

The future crashes over us like a wave

Any high ground you clamber to is quickly annexed by the implacable tide

Take a gulp, hold it in, loose your grip

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