Monday, October 15, 2007

It's a girl!

The newest artist to be featured here at the Korner is known simply as Marilyn. An active feminist, Marilyn's very name seems to posit profound questions as to the state of womanhood in the present and its inextricable link to the past. Her latest creative phase has seen a shift to an intentionally crude style, one which utilizes bright colors and childlike scribblings. Of this particular piece, Marilyn stated that, while her proclamation may at first seem a bit immature, it is in fact TV personalities such as those on The View that are "the real enemy; these women are supposed to represent the women of America? That's the real insult right there. This is simply a tool to keep women from gaining any respect, because honestly, who respects Barbara Walters?" The Kreation Korner is proud to support a thinker like Marilyn and we are confident that her continued creative expression will be of utmost importance in the years to come.

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