Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Grand Mistake

A little over two weeks after the Korner birthed what should have been a healthy baby boy of a new feature, we at the KKHQ have realized our folly. Since the inception of "Is This Anything?", how many replies have we received? Zero. That's how many. Unless you count spam as an intelligent discussion of a poem-in-question's validity, which I surely do not. We here at the Korner are incredibly disappointed in the undoubted multitudes which gaze upon our Kreation Korner each and every day with rapt anticipation. We thought you little people had something to say! Apparently we thought wrong. In our infinite optimism and search for truth, we at the Korner have discerned from this sorry mess that maybe we simply are more special than most. We try to remain fair and believe that all have it within them to kreate, but perhaps it's simply an endeavor meant for the chosen few. This is not meant to discourage, but if you people don't have the kajones to step over that proverbial line and say, "I am human! Hear me roar!", there is not much to be done. In the end, our resolve to blow mind, body, and soul has been strengthened by the affair, and we now kommit ourselves anew to liberation of the human nation through positive kreation. I leave you with a poem that I think is entirely relevant to this post:

clank clank clank
robotic movements
(not human)
we are motorized
slaves to the system
clank clank
go these automated appendages
cogs in the machine is
all we


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