Friday, April 25, 2008

A Triumphant Return...

After nearly a month, we--the Kreation Korner Team--have returned from our vision quest in the uncharted mountains of northern Kansas. For those of you lay and otherwise uninformed readers, a vision quest is a painstaking process of delving deep into one's consciousness to discover untold dimensions of kreative inspiration. Our goal was simple: discover in ourselves the ability to kreate what has never been kreated before. Naturally, we embraced the harsh demands of the vision quest without hesitation. During the quest, we lived a minimal existence with only limited access to such modern conveniences as Big League Chew and oversized novelty Frisbees. Guiding us in our quest were wise (almost to a fault, to be quite frank) shamans-in-training from a nearby alternative arts college. Our days were tumultuous: meditation, sweat-lodge sessions, name games, and yogurt socials (which are like ice cream socials but with half the calories). The sundry hallucinations we encountered were awesome, terrifying, sentimental, and often dull. Yet they succeeded in bestowing true kreative potential on all the kontributors you have come to know and love: Chris Peebles, Charlie Weigman, Hattie Weyland, Marilyn, Davin Krengal, Jawn Steighmeaus, Percy Stankowski, and all the rest. For the next month or so, the Korner will be characterized by an unprecedented explosion of fiercely passionate, devastatingly original kreations from all your favorites. Now that TKK headquarters are back in operation, failing to deliver this material would be a betrayal of our obligations as kreationists. So, with further ado being unnecessary and thusly forgone, sit back and prepare to have every preconceived notion you have ever had about life, living, and existence annihilated by The Kreation Korner.

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