Sunday, May 18, 2008

More Retreat Revelations!

It has been a veritable madhouse within the Kreation Korner HQ these past weeks, as any and all available staff members have been working around the clock to document the nonstop kreative outbursts of those Korner Kontributors returning from what has now been named Vision Kuest '08. Now surely, all of you in the world-wide peanut gallery have been thirsting, yearning even, for all sorts of new kreation. Well, fret not, young kreationists. Now that all kreations have been successfully digitized and logged into the KKDB (Kreation Korner DataBase), we are finally ready to post the unabridged kreations of Vision Kuest '08. Percy Stankowski's post was only a small taste. Buckle your seat belts, folks.

This piece, kreated by Howard Fork, is highly conceptual and will likely be inaccessible to many. However, concentrate on it for a while, and you just might discover the deeper meaning lying within this seemingly arbitrary combination of the various materials that can be found within the hills of Kansas. Here's what the artist had to say:
"At first I was completely lost up there in the mountains. I'd wake up saying to myself, 'Where are my magic markers? My horse-hair paintbrushes? What about my beach ball?' And it was on the third day that I realized, wow, this is really happening. And that's what brought about this kreation. At that point I'd been completely separated from the group and I think subconsciously I was really aching for familiarity. And I think an abstract kernel of that desire can be found in this work, which took about two days to kreate, from concept development to finished product."

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