Monday, February 2, 2009

Header Korner

Hello, you of the wondrous and strange multitudes! Today we bring before you yet another slice of fried gold in the form of a brand-new header piece. The featured artist is Art Cretaceo. What has Art to say about his art? Well, we were wondering the same, so we had a little sit-down with him to figure out what makes Art tick.

KK: Who are you?

AC: I'd like to say I'm a visionary and a guiding light. Always maintaining a clear vantage point on the events of the day, the year, the times. Like a pterosaur in flight, really.

KK: Art, what do you think is the purpose of your art?

AC: My intent is threefold, much like the horns of a Triceratops. First, to shock. Second, to awaken. Third, to incite.

KK: Any words for the readers?

AC: In fact, yes. In this crazy world, we must be ever-vigilant against the hucksters, the alarmists, and the hooligans. We must navigate the world with all the agility of a clever dilophosaur, all the steady intent of a methodical diplodocid, and all the fierce confidence of the mighty Tyrannosaur.

KK: A final question. Do you draw inspiration from anything in particular, perhaps from the natural realm?

AC: Dinosaurs.

KK: Art, thanks for your time.

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