Friday, December 11, 2009

In a Fog (New Korner Post)

As you may have noticed from the tasteful pun, a theme running through this post is indeed the City by the Bay, San Francisco itself. Now surely, this is enough to get any Kreationist all hot n' bothered, but just you wait, because there's a great deal more in store for you. Two months or two years ago -- time is irrelevant in the case of this man -- Chris Peebles made the pilgrimage to San Francisco to share his gift. With Gabe Gabriel in tow, Peebles slept in the back rooms of various taquerias and subsisted solely on scraps of lengua while in the pursuit of perfection. It is perhaps fitting that, filled with the almighty bovine mouthpiece, Peebles was able to commune with Kreation itself and offer to you this unique happening. Brace yourself.

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