Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monetization Korner

Well, as we all know, times are tough. To persevere, we must tighten our boot straps and pull ourselves up by our belts, as the saying goes. Anyways, try as he might, our financier Chas Murdoch just can't keep our budget at a proper operating level--although he somehow found the scratch to chip in on that lunar drilling joint-stock expedition. Bitterness aside, the reality is we need money to kreate. As much as we shudder at the prospect of bobbing for apples in the capitalist wash basin, it's a necessary evil to continue producing kontent and furthering the Kreation Kause. As such, we are unveiling an advertisement today for a local retailer. Sure it's a blemish, critics, but it's better than no Korner at all. Glance fleetingly at:

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