Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prognostication Korner

Every great Kreationist from Huey Dood on down to Steed Stetson have asked at one point or another, are we alone? Is The Korner the sole bastion of the Kreation Kause in a turbulent, indifferent sea of woe? The answer is no. As much as we'd like to assume the aforementioned insular attitude, the fact is that kind of narrow-mindedness has come back to bite us all in the kollective ass. But this is not to say our small planet is teeming with kreationists. On the kontrary, signs of kreative life are few and far between and it is only through happenstance or the providence of a higher being that these elusive kounterparts are revealed to us. Today, we bring you one such sign. It is an article from a self-described muck-raking online newsletter. Although the author seems to be working under an unusual definition of kreationism, the piece eerily foretells our infamous Vision Kuest '08 nearly three years before it occurred. We're not sure how to interpret this mysterious tract, but we are evermore convinced of the mysteriousness and potency of kreationism and humbly suspect that we are mere pawns in an arcane chess game spanning untold ages of man. Take a look for yourself:

"Kreationism in Kansas" by Stan Cox

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