Monday, November 21, 2011

Korner Header

Today we bring you a new and groundbreaking visual gateway to the teeming metropolis of kreativity colloquially known as The Korner. It doesn't actually state the name of this blog, which a less worldly kollective of "artist" may chafe at, but we kreationists believe that, as important as a given statement may be, that which goes unsaid must be paid equal, if not greater attention. Thus, when in the course of a discussion of contemporary "art," critics fail to mention our humble Korner, we take it as an implicit compliment to the ubiquity, the inescapability, of our influence. And just because we now refuse to pay GRECH for her work on said banner, due to a glaring absence of the words "the," "kreation," and "korner," consecutively and in that order, does not mean that we can't appreciate the unspoken gravitas of the work itself. Turkey:

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