Sunday, June 17, 2012

Musiks Korner

Gabe Gabriel here, resident loop-digger, scholar of obscure noise, and all-around chronicler of all things Kreation. Now, in the past, I've come to you on bended knee to humbly offer the multitude of curios and crazy shit (pardon the technicalities) which have amassed at the margins of the kreative continuum. Mining the shores of Kreation Creek is no mean feat, and many are the days when I have trudged home, empty-handed, galoshes squishy with the discomfort of revelation just beyond my grasp. Yet, when among the crushed aluminum malt-liquor vessels and other detritus, I happen upon a discovery such as I am pleased to present today, the apparent emptiness of sog-sap days seems mere prelude to the inevitable joy of kreative discovery.

Ronald Raygun has been, until now, a sometimes-contributor with a cagey personality who eschews direct interaction in favor of contribution via mail. Yet, in this discovery, we parse out a vital component of his personal history, as we find the young man releasing a single for the short-lived but influential record imprint, Kreative Destruction Records (in-depth profile to come soon). Equal parts angst and erudition, "Beside Myself" is a tale of a boy, a girl, and a boy again. Take it in the brain:

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