Thursday, August 15, 2013

Video Korner

When Rasmus Wright’s debut album plummeted earlier this summer, the chanteur quickly became the talk of the Bench. Naturally, every Kreationist from Boise to the Bay wanted a crack at kollaboration. After a kumbersome bidding process, Wright selected none other than Chris Peebles as the Ashford to his Simpson. In one Sunday (or “Funday,” if you like) afternoon, the duo cranked out the following video. “It’s not so much a video. Unless you consider moving digital images accompanied by sound to be a video. Then yeah, it’s a video, if you wanna get in the weeds about it,” Peebles reported, adding, “Working with Rasmus Wright was really a thrill. I remind him of an older me.” When asked if ‘You’re Late’ is just a taste of redoubtable things to come, Peebles replied, “Nah, this is just a one-off deal. Rasmus and I have since severed ties irrevocably.” What a shame. Subsume:


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