Thursday, September 5, 2013

Musik Korner

What's the word, Kreationists? Well, today, it's several, all of which you are reading at this moment. In the second of a series of posts done on the seminal but in its time largely unknown music label, Kreative Destruction Records, we unearth a punk classic lost to the ages -- until now. Little is known about early '80s hardcore Boiseans, Red Scare, other than that they did not appear in this documentary. It is likely, or at least a plausible conjecture, that by the time that story was shot, Red Scare (as so many young visionaries do) had already burned out. Lucky for us, Kreation archivist Gabe Gabriel has worked diligently to bring such material to the fore, ensuring that as we move forward on whatever kreative path we so choose, we are ever aware of the lineage from which we were spawned. So let your ears have an auditory gander at this piece of history, as I go and microwave myself some lunch. Look-see:

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