Sunday, April 13, 2014

Transcontinental Korner

Although Kreationism is undeniably a global movement, there remain regions on this planet where the denizens grope discontentedly in the unkreative darkness. Specifically, the Korner has found very little traction along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Although our own Svetlana Mendoza spent much of her early career amidst various underground komedy scenes in the Eastern Standard Time Zone, our visibility in the non-western US has remained sparse at best. Why is there a Kreative deficit in the Atlantic states? Rather than dwell upon a likely unanswerable kwestion, we have decided to look at this weakness as an opportunity! To that end, we sent Chris Peebles as an emissary to Charlotte, North Carolina--a prominent cultural and economic center east of the Appalachians. His primary mission was to lay down some raw, unremitting street poetry--the likes of which the Queen City had never before encountered. We hear his performance in front of the AT&T Long Lines/BellSouth central switch building on Caldwell Street turned more than a few heads and even drew some undivided attention. Along the way, Peebles placed some photocopied marketing materials in several strategic locations to promote the Kause. We apologize if Chris trespassed on the dissemination spaces of others, and we don't begrudge the offended parties, if any, to remove the literature he inserted. It is our sincerest hope, however, that Peebles' efforts will serve as a sonar ping in the Kreative abyssal plain. We hope that if we can establish kontact with even one lone Kreationist in the wilderness, we will have erected a meaningful and enduring bridge between east and west.

Kreation Korner Eastern USA Goodwill Kampaign 
April 2014 - Charlotte, NC  
Promotional Literature Drop Points:

8th & Tryon - Uptown

4th & Brevard - Uptown

36th & N. Davidson - NoDa

Note: If you are in or around Charlotte and were directed to this post by a Boise zine collected at any of the three aforementioned locations, feel free to drop us a line and/or follow us on Facebook. We'd love to hear from you, Sibling in Kreation!        

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