Thursday, July 17, 2014

PPZSP (Post Portland Zine Symposium Post)

As you are undoubtedly and acutely aware, the 14th annual Portland Zine Symposium went down this past weekend. We feel it's safe to say that The Korner's first ever tabling at the gathering was an unqualified success! Chris Peebles and BLENKO spread the word of Kreationism vividly and convincingly to indie publishing aficionados of the Rose City and beyond. Their kompetence was especially laudatory given that the Sympo was back-to-back with KreationKon2014: Fun-in-the-Sun Getaway. Good thing there's a direct flight from South Beach to PDX! For an approximate blow-by-blow of the event, get a load of BLENKO's Twitter. This video provides a pretty good overview too:

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