Saturday, August 2, 2014

Poet's Korner

When Chris Peebles and BLENKO represented The Korner at Portland Zine Symposium last month, they had the good fortune to meet many fascinating artists and craftspeople from a wide diversity of backgrounds and practices. Among them was Roger August Wilcox, one of the luminaries of Stumptown's flourishing poetry scene. Roger was kind enough to let us share a poem from his forthcoming chapbook The River Fuckers, available through Snuffbox Press. Here goes:

"Intimacy Zoo"
I stand in the shower 
the water is made of snakes
they puncture my epidermis 
their venom courses
through my veins 
pumped indifferently 
by the engraved flask you gave me for a heart
it says "it's whiskey o'clock, you're buying."
It rained all week in my bed
the sheets are damp sand dunes
nobody wants to climb them
I collect a clump of the fine grains
press it in my palm
it becomes a text message from you or an elephant
I can't remember
you always said I'd make a shitty elephant

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