Monday, August 10, 2015

Behind the Korner

Today, at long last, we present to you the final installment of "Behind the Korner." As we've doled out our working notes over these past seven months, we've been met with only the lukest of warm responses. And to be perfectly honest, putting out this series has become a tedious chore for the staff. So today we pick off the last little stubborn straggling fragment of the scab (please do not take our word choice as dismissive of "Behind the Korner"--despite our exhaustion with it, it remains the official position of The Kreation Korner that any post or series of posts that reveal the artificiality of or processes behind Kreationism have merit and are worth sharing). Purloin:

Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV

William Shatner comes up before William Shakespeare on Google.
ambrosia salad
Two ships in the night
street kred, shot caller
Secretary: Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions

chris peebles, airtight
"don't hit your ass on the beaded door covering on your way out"
sensory depravation (tank)
theme: deontology v. arist.
ennui, chicanery, prattling

easily the most escatological film in jon cue-sack's ouevre

you look sterling
does a bear shit in the woods = sure as kilamanjaro rises like olympus above the serrenghetti

pique interest
kwisatz haderach
written affectation

Klarion kall or merely picking low-hanging kreative fruit?

What a short, ordinary journey it's been
skuttle it!!!
Agh! I worry so much!

simco rd parcels
rich interior life
i don't know him from adam, ad hominem
devil-may-care, tone poem

Chris Peebles Marketing Strategy: The fact is, big league chew don't grow on trees. Trust me, I'd love to kreate for kreation's sake, but I'd also love to pay the rent. Here are a few ways you can keep me on the street, doing what I do best:
shirts, other merchandise, signed original poems, ad space (i reserve the right to present it as i wish), live performances.

TKK topic:

online censorship,

post-physical world,

diaspora, break into cells (remain optimistic!)

Kreationism Manifesto by Kol. Thor Gustav Kreationssen

instant karma
tkk= the fifth estate? nah

Packaged, platform, bucket



komik korner-
-employee of the north
-$600,000 obo on a shitty car
-please enter through window

Everything is exactly as it seems
If life gives you stale bread, make croutons. Or hard tack.
fertilizer pancakes==gastric algal blumes

"humility is the mother of invention"


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