Saturday, September 5, 2015

Radio Ga Ga Korner

And a good day to you, Honorific Address! We've got quite the nugget of Kreationist history for you today. As we're sure you're abundantly aware, our archivist Gabe Gabriel is on an unending quest to find the rare, the forgotten, and the misplaced remnants of kreative kontent from days gone by. Today he struck something of a mother lode whilst rummaging through a box of tapes found among the personal effects of the late K. Hume O'Henderbaum. It's a piece of tape dated 1968 containing the only known existing audio of KRTN Radio disc jockey Greg "The G-Man" Gregory. Before his mysterious and as yet unresolved disappearance in 1973, Gregory was known as a quick-witted shock jock who modeled his partially-satirical persona after the elusive, button-down federal agents who inspired paranoia in the hearts of many Americans of that era. As serendipity would have it, one of The G-Man's most loyal adherents was an elementary school student with stars in his eyes named Gabe Gabriel. Tune in:

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