Saturday, October 31, 2015

Video Korner

And we're back...from one of our signature multi-week hiatuses. But we return with one of our signature explanations for our absence. Let's begin with some background: as you may have picked up on, one of the themes here at The Korner this year has been the kreative process. We have felt it's important--or, at the very least, interesting--to show our readers what goes into to making a finished Kreation Korner post. One tactic we've used to konvey this was our ill-fated Behind the Korner series. It turns out that this "peak behind the kurtain" was of little interest to our audience, save for a pedantic few. We've learned that, in general, we can't just dump a seemingly unedited pile of crap in front of somebody and expect it to tickle their kreative fancy. As Behind the Korner drew to a close, this realization didn't sit right with us. We felt that ekwilibrium in the Kreative Universe had to be restored. After some deliberation, we deemed the best means to this end was to again gather the trimmings from the proverbial editing room floor but, this time, painstakingly assemble it into a self-kontained final product all its own. It was only natural that the project would take the form of a video, since the most obvious source material was our basementful of unused scraps of tape gathering dust. Locked in from the outside, we spent three weeks at the HQ kollaboratively kompiling the video below. And the early reviews are laudatory! The estate of late-great non-narrative short film critic Rapaport Graves calls it, "Jazz. Pure and simple." Who says kreation by kommittee doesn't work? Hopefully with "Ends & Pieces" (a title inspired by a discount pork product spotted at Tsar Mart) we have redeemed ourselves and can put this difficult chapter behind us. Eyeball:

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