Sunday, June 19, 2016

Resentment Korner

Hi. Huey Dood here. You don't hear from me much. That's because I spend most of my time working behind the scenes at The Kreation Korner, and may I unironically say that without my administrative and project management acumen this organization would simply implode. In this sense, I'm the most essential Kreationist on staff. But do I get any of the kredit, glamour, or adulation? No. Apparently all of that is reserved for the Peebleses, the Daughtersons, the Stankowskises--you know, those prima donnas who sit around all day waiting for that Kreative spark or what have you. But while those lazy hacks await inspiration, I'm the one busting my hump to keep this ship afloat! But you know what? I'm kreative too! I didn't apply for a job at Kreation Systems Worldwide out of a love for klerical work. Allow me to prove it to you: the following is a series of edited photos I bootstrapped during my occasional moments of down time over the past year or so (I lose track of time, understandably so, what with the demands placed on me). You'll see that ol' Huey can kreate with the best of them! Hopefully this post will knock those koddled "kontributors" off their phony pedestals just a little bit. Stand in awe of:

"Close Encounters"

"Ladies Night"
"Street Waves"

"Otto Parts"

"Information Technology"

"Merely A Conduit"

"Close Encounters Redux"

"Everything's A Spectrum"


"Impractical Cats"

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