Sunday, July 3, 2016

Musik Korner

Hails, Kreationists! On the eve of the American nation's birthday, it is our pleasure as political provocateurs/apathetes to bring you nothing speaking in any way to said celebration. Instead, we at the Korner are proud to showcase a new celebration of the true spirit of Kreationism, in the form of previously-lost demo recordings from a house band of sorts at the KKHQ circa 2006ish. Just prior to our venerated launch into cyber-space, it is true that such an entrancing, tremolo-picking din would greet any and all visitors to our humble offices, as we were financially forced at times to rent out space to whomever might help pay our rent that month. In the midst of all that, the most reliable source of rent was a group of musicians obscured in monastic robes and armed with glossy black guitars. Seeing as there were and are no boundaries to kreationism, we welcomed their racket and money with open arms, and even took it upon ourselves to record a track or two. Lost until today, when we were cleaning out Percy Stankowski's old editing bay, these tracks can now see the light of day (or the pitch-black countenance of the void). Grovel:

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