Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kids' Korner

For all those who may not know, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Peebles are expecting their first child this month. In the midst of excitement over bringing new life into the world and the prospect of helping to raise a slightly better human than he, Chris has begun to explore ways to adapt his Kreative tendencies for a younger audience--specifically in the medium of children's songs. "Although my body of work as it stands is technically appropriate for all ages," Peebles told The Korner in an exclusive Skype interview, "I feel there's plenty of room to evolve my output on the infantile tip." Chris then went on a bit of rant about the mediocrity of the children's music scene and assured us that his kontributions will be not only amusing and educational for the youngest among us but funky fresh to boot. We just happen to have a prototype kut, and we think you'll agree it's got serious klout to it:

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