Friday, July 21, 2017

Musik Korner

Kreation Korner here. Upon our release of a snippet from Living Documents' unfinished album Who Will We Work With When We Wonder Why?, we said of the ill-fated group, and we quote, "anything--even another brief, strenuous Peebles-Wright kollab [sic] in the not-so-distant world of tomorrow--is possible in the Kreative universe." The following audio kollage we bring you today isn't exactly that as it was recorded during the 9W sessions last year. But for all you know it was recorded yesterday, not happened upon accidentally as Gabe Gabriel rifled through a dusty old box of MP3s on Bastille Day. In any case, we think you'll find it a rare treat to hear Chris Peebles and Rasmus Wright experimenting, breaking new Kreative ground, and, most importantly, just having fun in the studio with found sounds, plundered tracks, original loops, and, most importantly, each other, and, most importantly, themselves. Fun is important. Have a ball:

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