Friday, September 8, 2017

You should be dancing, yeah

For the second time ever, The Kreation Korner is dipping a tap-shod toe into the exciting medium of dance. Three years ago, Chris Peebles experimented with purely spontaneous body movement as kreative expression. His goal was to experience and share something truly transcendent by shedding the scales of konventionality but was ultimately dubious as to whether he achieved that. Now, rather than rejecting kultural influences wholesale, Chris--still married to the idea of dance as a gateway to the ecstatic--has opened himself up to external influences and best practices--specifically from the folkloric dance of his Basque antecedents. In the following Living Documents music video (this post doubles as the vid's offish release, btdubz), you'll see Peebles incorporate variations on traditional technique into more kontemporary free-form maneuvers for a sum total that we feel honors the tried-and-true while embracing the new. Should we embrace kulture or push it away? Is kulture a chain to shackle us or can we shimmy up that chain to a higher plane? The answer we come to time and time again is that the preferred approach is a thoughtful, continuous oscillation between the two poles. Oscillation fires the Furnace of Kreation. As Chris Peebles himself said years ago, "all things in life are oscillation." Aupa:

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