Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Korner Kares

Hello. This is Huey Dood. I recently attended a truly inspirational event at the Red Lion ballroom. It was called #DisruptInnovation-Boise, and was a veritable "who's who"of north Ada County's tech elite. I was surprised to see one-time Kreation Korner intern Chad Joe deliver one of the keynotes. Turns out he's the co-founder and chief visionary officer of education-as-a-service startup MindThought. He really disrupted the way I think about how we educate our young. Chad says books and papers and exams aren't what prepare kids for the careers of tomorrow. Chad says children must cultivate a strong personal brand to differentiate themselves in the increasingly competitive job market. Chad couldn't have made more sense--I'm proud to say I drank his Kool-Aid! It soon occurred to me that a good "hack" to help MindThought radicalize our students would be to leverage The Kreation Korner's highly visible platform as a thought leader to disseminate several sharable electronic image-text files to raise awareness and demonstrate the importance of personal brands to the parents and guardians of the talent pool of the future. Even if this content helps just one million kids find and monetize their personal brand, my modest effort to help change the world will not have been in vain. #DisruptInnovation-Boise #disrupt #innovation #boise #MindThought #alltheyoungdoods

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