Sunday, May 27, 2018

Video Korner

Today we bring you something a little out of the ordinary, which is an ordinary thing for us to do. So then how do we be out-of-the-ordinary if such an action is ordinary? We may opt to dispense with the ordinary/out-of-the ordinary dichotomy all together, which should be no problem since dispensing with artificial partitions in the universal set is business as usual for us, in other words, ordinary. Glad that's settled! Anyways, we're excited to present to you a triumviri of videos co-created by Korner ko-founder Patrick M. Watson and Megan Williams, his travel companion on the perilous-yet-exilharating journey of life and legal spouse. While not our typical kommissioned fare, we feel these videographic modules are more-or-less aesthetically aligned with The Korner and paddle more or less the same direction as we do on the wandering Kanoe of Kreation. As we're certain you'll perceive, these vids stand on their own and are not some sykophantik ploy to kurry favor with a founder. Look and listen:

Swedish Sedan Soldiers / 2014 / 1min 6sec

Domestic Triggers / 2014 / 5min 20sec

W.B. Yeats - The Second Coming - Read by Loretta Jean Mahoney / 2017 / 1min 32sec

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