Sunday, August 26, 2018

Klosure Korner

Early this year, something called "The Worrisome Truth" entered our kollective konsciousness. To say it rattled us and forced us to reevaluate our views on the very nature of Kreation is an understatement. We learned of the arcane Staff of Kreation and how we must wield it to survive and thrive when faced with The Worrisome Truth. This was all very vexing, but we managed to kalm ourselves and put it out of our minds so we could move on with our lives, impending doom our not. But the Staff of Kreation remained in the korners of our psyches, slowly annexing mental territory until it returned to the forefront. We can no longer hide from it. We still don't know what the Staff of Kreation is, but we must define it so we can acknowledge it and file it away for when we need it. Our two best theories are that it is 1.) a wooden staff imbued with okkult powers or 2.) simply The Kreation Korner staff--you know, Chris Peebles, BLENKO, Hadley Daughterson, maljohn, the whole bunch. But how do we determine which is the true Staff? For that we turn to the way much truth is determined anymore--social media. So visit our Instagram and vote for which theory you think is best. It's essentially a choice between actual magic and the "magic" of teamwork as the key to perseverance in the face of adversity. We'll keep the polls open for an indeterminate period until we feel the time is right. Vote whenever, vote at whatever interval you feel.


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