Friday, March 22, 2019

Musik Korner

Not a week goes by that we at KKHQ don't receive correspondence--email, snail mail, ham radio--inquiring about the whereabouts of kreative progenitors Gerry Mander's Band. Truth to tell, we've never had a satisfactory response--until today. Although all that has been gifted to us is the track, the first GMB output in over a decade, it is no doubt the product of  kreative reconciliation following what we can only imagine was definitely a falling-out of tectonic proportion between then-drummer, HY, and guitarist/voxman, PW. Or else they've just both been too busy. Either way, we are truly grateful. And while the style may feel wild, we hear an undeniable kreative throughline with GMB's earlier songs (check their up-to-date Myspace page for confirmation (the songs don't work, but you can imagine how they'd sound)). Redraw your districts to consolidate political power:

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