Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lost and Found

Salutations, Korner devotees. I know the question that has plagued you so for the past 14 days: why no new contributions to this most wondrous Korner of Kreation? Well, I'll give it to you straight. It's been pretty dry around here lately. Gregory Fork has been working on exciting experiments in silence and inactivity, but the subtle nuances of his performances are unfortunately lost when translated to our world wide web format. Cindy Blankenstead was slated for an upcoming feature but chose instead to participate in a 13-day Dada get-together in the Mojave desert. In light of this recent kreative dry spell of sorts, I have taken it upon myself to forge new ground in the realm of the spoken word. I have come across a novel idea, one that I hope will spark an entirely new way of looking at everyday conversations. By taking a fragment of an unscripted situation of interaction between humans and placing it out of context in poem form, I have transformed something once commonplace into anything but. Enjoy.


what are you getting?
i don't know, how much is that jerky?
59 cents.
maybe i'll get the doritos instead.
can i borrow a quarter?

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