Monday, January 7, 2008

A Kall to Arms

Greetings comrades. As those of you familiar with the Gregorian Calendar are aware, the year 2008 is merely a week old. Rather than pursuing a trite New Year's resolution for the next twelve months, The Kreation Korner will be engaging in something far more daring: a New Year's revolution. The time has come for rising up against the soul-crushing establishment dominated by blood-sucking CEOs. Our movement, however, is not a militant one. We feel that a violent uprising would be without fruit. What we are advocating is a revolution of ideas. Only with mental harpoons can we eliminate the great orca of ignorance and woe. So there you have it, kreationists. Your support this year is crucial. Only with your continuing enthusiasm can our kontributors continue to fight the good fight with words, images, and video. In conclusion, we urge you to help the Kause. Our future as a species hangs in the balance.

Thanks a Bunch,

The Kreation Krew

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