Saturday, June 14, 2008

Poet's Korner

Finally, after a long wait, the Kreation Korner is pleased to bring you the latest poetry from your favorite wordsmith, Chris Peebles. As per always, Peebles delivers korrosive konjugations, devastating denotations and pugilistic prose. The following represents everything the Kreation Korner stands for with delicate ruthlessness. (As the de facto authority on all things Kreation Korner, we feel qualified to make this bold claim.) We hope and know you will agree. Relish:

There's no more room in my hummus-addled brain.
In one ear, out the other--just like Sister Catherine
used to say.
She was right, though--I never did amount to nothin'.

Her words were like vanilla piss searing my Venezuelan
etch-a-sketch of a heart.
Strutting in her penguin suit--it wasn't even Halloween.

Anachronism was her nature, the monkey on her shoulder.
I guess I'll leave it up to the Greeks, purveying their paste as
Zeus himself sheds tahini tears of indifferent concern.

1 comment:

Pata said...

One word in this poem has left me devastated--as if drowning in a pool of irony--after reading the newest post on the beloved Kreation Korner.


Chris Peebles, I do believe you may be NOTS to suggest this to anyone. Relish-related deaths have far surpassed the number of all deaths in the United States put together and subtracted by two. Your distinguished colleague, Mr. Steighmeaus, could have been killed if it weren't for the revered hero, Boots. Sir, I enthusiastically hope you choose your words more wisely in the future.


Hannah Mia Kannatuna
Personal Chef and Entreprenuerial Assistant

Post Script: Forgive my erroneously posted comment on the above poem. At the age of 83, you should only be proud that I'm able to navigate the uncertain technological waters of the post-80's era. As Frank, the local butcher, once said to me, it's what's inside that counts.