Sunday, November 30, 2008

Whoomp There It Is!

Hello, all! In spite of our economic woes, we must continue! Special thanks go out to Hank Shelton for keeping this ship afloat in what seemed like the last hour. He has since been inducted as an honorary Kreationist.

But enough catch-up, here's the straight mustard. Submitted anonymously, this strident short story had all the markings of an original beatnik kreation. Resident counter-culture expert Tonny Ergheim's in-depth analysis of structure and syntax nearly confirmed it, but not before a nineteen-year-old Korner intern identified certain clues within the text that pointed to a later publication date. Regardless, these subtle hints are mere icing on this harsh, facts-of-life cake.

the mu zik flowed out his insterment like creame cheez on a litely toasted bagel he was a site to behold. changed the way the hole gang
the mob men were in town n causing ruukus all about well 1 nite thay happend upon old good davey. they say to him play us that what we luv so-well. play us that chumba
wumba. well davey about had a con-ipshun. he waled away at marcy playground insted. the boiz got to push-ing and fuss-ing so davey
changed his tune wunce more this time he layed down some 4 nonblondes.
chumbawumba they hollerd.
semisonic he playd. so
the mob

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